Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Day of Preschool

Tuesday was a big day at the McDonald house. Alexa and Emma both started preschool. Alexa went last year but was very excited to go to her new preschool and meet her new friends. Emma has been grinning from ear to ear ever since she found out she got to go too. She is our social bug so preschool is right up her alley! Daddy took them to preschool their first day in his car which is always a treat. I guess the mini van has lost its excitement. Grammy picked them out and took them out for lunch after their big day! There is an observation room at their preschool where you can watch the classes and they can't see you so of course Mommy went to watch for awhile! I thought Shane would be a little lost with the girls gone but he seems to love having mommy all to himself. It will be fun to do some special things with him while the girls are at preschool.

Nice Matters Award

Lori, a new blogging friend passed this award along!! You'll have to check out her blog! She has 2 sweet boys and they are waiting for their daughter from China! Thanks Lori!
I am going to nomitante Becky for the Nice Matters award because she is super sweet, funny and a wonderful mom. She was the one who helped me set up my blog and get me addicted to the blogging world!
I also am going to nominate Joy. I love her heart for God and her heart for her children. I love her Cherish Your Children posts!

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