Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Things They Say

Emma is our little expressive child. She uses her hands when she talks and tends to roll or bat her eyes or tip her head. She just has that way about her. A couple things she has said lately just had to be written down. The first, Emma and Alexa went to a movie the other weekend with papa and grammy. They went to eat at the Outback as well. A couple days later she told me she really loves eating at the Outfront. The second was the other day when she home from preschool very excited because her teacher and her both wore frognecks that day. I was a little confused about the frognecks thinking it was something fun they did in preschool. She then informed me "no you know mom, frognecks" (while pulling on her shirt neck). I finally got it I said, "Oh you mean turtlenecks!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's A Boy To Do With 2 Girls In The House

Shane is all boy but there are times he just wants to play with the girls. There are other times he's not sure what he wants to play with ... his toys or the girls toys. It wasn't working too well to play basketball with his high heals on (notice the neclaces too). He decided to take a break and take care of the baby instead. I have to say he is pretty cute when he's taking care of the babies. I'm sure he'll love it someday that his mom took these pictures.

Alexa The Little Sponge

Alexa is like a little sponge right now. She loves to learn and is always asking me to help her try new things, read new words, spell different words ...... She has a love for learning and is very self motivated. She goes to a preschool that is right up her alley. The teacher does not have the year planned out but instead they develop their units based on what the students are interested in. Their language, music, motor skills, math and art are all centered around that theme. This type of learning is right up Alexa's alley since she is also very creative. She has been interested in learning about the body and dug up all the books I had on the body and took them to preschool. Some of her friends caught the body bug so her teacher has started a unit on the body. She is thrilled. She came home yesterday informing us that her favorite body part was her esophagus. Eric and I looked at each other like wow not your hands, feet, heart or even brain but the esophagus! Here is one of her little projects she did with her body unit.

The Little Red Dot From The Little Blue Pill

I have to go back in time and share a story about our sweet Emma that happened before Christmas. This is one of those stories that will be told numerous times but I have to have it written down somewhere. Emma is our little girls that has a love for life. She is our party girl and lives life to the fullest. She also is one of those kids that is just mischievous, not naughty, just curious. Her curiosity often gets the best of her along with the fact that she just can't help herself. She also loves candy and treats so keep that in mind. Monday, December 10 Emma woke up around 6 am which is not like her and started to throw up. My first thought was oh no not the flu. Eric was going to be out of town for the week and my niece who is 4 was going to be staying with us. I could picture flu going through the gang. It seems like the flu hits when Eric is out of town. Emma was just feeling pretty miserable but no one else got it. On Wednesday morning Emma woke up with 2 rather large pimples on her chin. Very odd I thought to myself. I didn't know a 3 year old could get large pimples with white heads on them. On Thursday morning I opened a new birth control pack and saw a little blue pill missing right in the middle of the pack. Everything started to make sense. I asked my sweet, curious little Emma if she ate one of mommy's pills and she sheepishly responded with a "yes"! The poor thing had to feel miserable with all those hormones in her 3 year old little body. She said she wanted to see what they tasted like. She would tell people she had a big owey from mommy's pill. So lessons learned by Emma - don't eat mommy's pill and even if it looks like candy that doesn't always mean it is. Lessons learned by mom - keep your birth control pills out of the reach of Emma. Most of Emma' s December pictures have a little red dot on her chin from the little blue pill. This isn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last time when Emma's curiosity gets the best of her!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Photo Shoot Mishaps

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year

I can't believe it is January 9 already!! It seems like we are just starting to get back in the groove after the Holidays. I spent 3 days scrapbooking this weekend and came to the conclusion that I have taken way too many pictures this past year (since I got a new camera). Actually I'm glad I've taken all the pictures I just have to stop trying to scrapbook them all in each of the kids books. But as I mentioned earlier Eric got me a new lens for my camera so it looks like it will be a year of a lot of pictures again. My kids are going to love me. Here are some pictures from our first photo shoot practicing with the new lens. Stay tuned tomorrow I'm going to try to post some of the mishaps or the "mom are we done yet" pictures!

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