Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Shane

I can't believe my baby is 2 today! It seems like just yesterday that we found out about Shane, our little surprise. I still remember standing in amazement at a positive pregnancy test. Now, how do I tell Eric. These were the pictures I e-mailed Eric to share the news. I of course was on the other line when he opened the e-mail.

Eric's response .... "aren't you on the pill?" Yes, I was on the pill and nursing so obviously God had a plan much bigger than ours!! I still remember laying on the ultrasound table and suddenly seeing little toes and fingers. Shane was already 11 weeks and 5 days. Wow, my first trimester was almost over. What a little miracle.

I'm so glad that God has a plan far bigger than anything we can hope for or imagine. Shane I feel so blessed to be your mommy!! You have brought things like blue, trucks, dirt, bugs, balls ..... into our pink world. You are all boy with your loud noises and busy little hands and feet. You have the biggest, brownest eyes and more hair that most 5 year old girls ... I think we're going on haircut number 20+! I love your smile and the dimple that goes with it. You have such a loving little personality! You make me laugh when you dance when your sister's sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. You really have the moves. You are a friendly little guy always eager to say hi and bye to everyone we meet. I love the way you flirt and your little nervous shoulder shrug. I love it when you are in trouble and I ask you to look at me and you squint ... how can you not make me smile even when I'm not very happy with you! I love it how you wont' let me leave your room at nap or night time without asking me to say Amen with you! I love to watch your sister's play with you and love on you!! It is so much fun to see you run to the door and get so excited to see daddy! You love to wrestle and and do all the rough and tough things boys do with dads! Shane you such a sweet blessing!

Happy Birthday!

I love you!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Big Slides

Last night we went back to Wild Water West. This time we took dad along!! When dad comes along the kids get to go down the big slides. Even Shane thought he'd try the big slide. Daddy got his exercise climbing all those stairs with the kids. We also had fun floating on the lazy river!

The BIG slide .......

Emma's big ride ....

Alexas' big splash .....

Here comes Shane!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Our Favorite Summer Hang Out

One of our favorite summer hang out spots is Wild Water West. The kids love the water, the slides and playing with friends. Mommy loves that it opens at 11 so we can still go home for naps! We spend most of our sunny, hot days there! These are a few of my favorite shots from the week! Tonight daddy is coming too so then the kids get to go down the big water slides. If only summer could last forever!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alexa's Big Day

Alexa Grace I can't believe that you are 5 today!!! It seems like just yesterday I was holding you with tears in my eyes because I was so amazed at what a precious gift God had given us. I would stare at your beautiful little face and tiny hands and feet and just wonder what life was going to be like with our sweet baby girl!! Alexa there are countless things that I love about you but here are just a few .....

I love your sweet, gentle spirit

I love the way you giggle when daddy tickles you

I love the way you cuddle up with me to read books .... we could read books for hours

I love what a wonderful big sister you are

I love the way you are always trying to make a new friend no matter where we go

I love the competitive spirit I see in you when we play Memory

I love the way you could sit and color and do projects for hours

I love to watch you dress up and pretend you are a princess

I love to listen to you and Emma pretending to be mommy and baby

I love it that you want to be a soccer girl, a teacher, a girl who helps kids read and a mommy when you grow up

I love the way you cuddle on the couch with Shane and Emma

I love the way your eyes light up when you get to go on a date with daddy

I love the way you tell Jesus "thank you for this great day" every day .... I don't think you've ever had a bad day

Alexa you may be growing up but you will always be my sweet baby girl.

Happy Birthday!

I love you!


Monday, June 11, 2007

New Cousin

The girls are very excited to announce that they have a new cousin!! My brother Jay and his wife Alissa have a precious new little girl! Her name is Mia Marie and she was born on June 6 on by brother's birthday!! What a precious little gift she is. We think she's pretty sweet. There are now six Schuiteman grandkids five and under. Five of them are girls ... Shane is really going to have to hold his own with all these women!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fun At The Lake

The Lake is one of the kids favorite places to be. They are never ready to go home from the lake especially when papa, grammy, aunts, uncles and cousins are there. This weekend it was a chilly, June, Minnesota lake weekend. The weather didn't stop the kids from hopping on the wave runner with Papa. The girls put their cute little pink wet suits on and of course their shades(because that's what you wear at the lake even when it's not sunny)! I'm sure there will be more summer lake pictures to come .... hopefully with a little sunshine in them!
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