Friday, October 19, 2012

A Trip To The Orchard

A trip to the local Apple Orchard is a fall tradition at our house. The kids had been asking frequently when we could head out there to get apples to make applesauce. A beautiful fall day after school we decided to make our way to the Apple Orchard to see just how many windfall apples we could find to
make applesauce.  

Max eating-blog

Max wasted no time taking a big juicy bite of an apples when we got out to the orchard.
  Emma with apple-blog

The big kids got to work trying to find that perfect apple.
  shane in tree-blog

Alexa tree-blog They each found the perfect apple to put away for a snack our walk back.
  Emma close up-blog 

Max and apple-blog

Every apple Max found he would giggle with excitement as he tried to reach it!

  max smiling with apple-blog 

 A huge smile when it ended up in his hand.
  Shane by tree-blog

Shane just couldn't help himself along the way!

  Emma and bag-blog 

 The big kids worked hard scouring the ground for the perfect windfall apples with out bruises or worm holes for apple sauce. The filled bag after bag in a short time.
  max in wagon-blog

Max got tired and decided to hang out in the wagon with the apples.
  kids eating apples-blog

The kids took some time to enjoy their apples after they filled the bags.
  kids with apples-blog

I think Max was on his third apple by this time!
  Shane and Max walking-blog

I love this picture of the boys as they began their journey back to the orchard store to pay for our apples.  

walking back-blog

What a great day at the Apple Orchard!
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