Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Eyes Have Been Opened ... The Journey To Our Daughter

When God laid adoption on our hearts we began praying for him to lead us as a family!  When we felt God leading us to China to adopt Max we prayed he would open our hearts to what he would have for us on the journey.  God affirmed over and over in our journey to Max that this was his story being written, his timing and his plan for our family!  As we began our journey to Max we talked about being open to adopting again but trusted that once again God would open our hearts and open and close doors and lead our hearts and our minds.  On our journey to Max God took my heart on a journey.  When we were in China and went to Max’s orphanage our eyes were opened wide and our hearts were broken for the orphans we left behind.  The transformation we saw in Max just hours after having him in our arms was something that was unexplainable.  God continued to give Eric and I a heart for those we left behind and also gave us a love for China.  In October Eric and I were on a little weekend get away and as we sat at dinner out of the blue Eric asked me where my heart and head were with adoption.  I was a little taken off guard but began to share my heart with Eric.  I was ready to jump in and start the process weeks after being home with Max and yet now months later God was telling my heart the timing wasn’t right for our family.  I can only explain it as a God thing as Eric gave me the green light to start process again but God was telling me the timing wasn’t right, to wait and trust fully on his leading and his timing.  
On January 17, Max’s Gotcha Day anniversary, Eric again asked me where my heart and mind was in the process.  I shared with him how I felt ready but that I felt he had a ton on his plate right now at work and the stress level was pretty high.  I felt a total peace about starting but also felt a peace about waiting if he felt like it was too much right now.  I love Eric’s heart and his spiritual leadership in our family.  He said let’s commit to praying for a week every night together and let God decided if the timing is right.  We both felt like God had opened our hearts to step out in faith and adopt again  but it was a matter of trusting in his timing for our family. For the next week we committed to praying for God to lead our hearts and minds, to take this desire away if it wasn’t his will for our family and to confirm his timing in this process if it was.  Who knew this week would be a crazy week at our house.  Eric ended up having to make the biggest and most stressful business decision in the history of his company.  One night he was up until the wee hours working through all the details of this decision and as he crawled in bed at 2 am he rolled over and cuddled up to me and prayed that God would lead our hearts in our adoption decision.  It would have been so easy to put off our commitment to pray this week and just say the timing wasn’t right and our hands are full.  Our hands are full right now with 4 kids, a move in the next year and there a ton going on with Eric’s business.  Yet, once again I love Eric’s heart, leadership in our family  and trusting God’s plan for our family. At 2am he was committed to praying that God would affirm our hearts and make his timing clear.  
On January 24 we both clearly felt God leading us to start the process to bring a little girl home from China.  On January 24 Eric also signed the biggest contract in the history of his company! It was quite the day.  
We can’t wait to see God’s plan unfold.  He knows who our little girl is and knows how perfectly she will fit into our family. He knows the timing and all the details are in his hands.  We are trusting completely in his plan for our family as we begin ...
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Boxes Packed With Love

Alexa's class went to the Union Gospel Mission the week before Easter. We started our visit watching a video about what their mission is and what they do. We then took a tour. The Union Gospel has a heart for those in need. They provide shelter, meals, clothing, medical services, education and support for those in need in our community. They share the need for Christ with the people that walk through their doors. Lives are changed at the Union Gospel Mission.

  After our tour we were taken to a large room with boxes and more boxes. Quickly the lady in charge placed each of the kids by boxes that had various food items in them. The parents were instructed to grab a chair with wheels and put a box on them and get ready to roll! 



Alexa was placed by various canned goods and peanut butter. 

alexa with cans

As the moms rolled the boxes through by each of the kids they put the various items they were in charge of in the box.  By the end we had one big, very full box of food. 

packing boxes

We were all sweating when we were finally done.  We packed 86 large boxes in less than an hour.  When we were finished packing we all stood around and prayed over the 86 boxes.  These boxes of food with go to families in need in our community so they have food for Easter.  They will also receive a hygiene box and a Bible.  When the boxes are delivered they will ask if they can pray with the family.

alexa and brooklyn

There was quite a buzz in the van as we drove back to school.  All the kids were talking about the families that were getting the boxes we just got done packing and how cool it was that people would give them a Bible and pray with them.  They all said that it felt so good in their hearts to do something for others.      

Sunday, April 1, 2012

It Is Sprinkler Time

Alexa's expression says it all .... 90 degree weather on April 1 means it is sprinkler time.  We have had an unbelievably warm spring but this was just plain crazy.  The kids were so excited to break out the sprinkler.


Shane was moving in slowly. The water was a little cold!


Max wasn't quite sure what to think of all the cold water spraying in his face! Notice he was struggling a bit with keeping his suit up but he didn't seem to mind! 


His sisters came to the rescue before he lost his pants. 

girls helping max - blog

Eric was watching the kids from our deck as they were loving life in the sprinkler.  I love how the trees still are bare ... it seems like today we skipped spring and went right to summer.


I love catching the kids expressions as they run through the sprinkler! 

alexa and max-blog

The kids turned down the sprinkler and were pretending the water was light rays they had to maneuver through! 


Max was not ready to slow down and still was running through the sprinkler as fast as his little legs would carry him.

max running-blog

Pretty soon the neighborhood kids were over and everyone was making their way through the water beams! 

all kids - blog

What a great day enjoying time in the sprinkler in the backyard!

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air!!! The signs are all starting to appear a little earlier than normal this year. 

We have had such a mild winter and it seems as though spring is starting off with a bang.  We have had unusually high temps and a lot of sunshine.  We have pulled out the short sleeves and shorts. 

The sidewalk chalk has been put to use already!

The kids have spent numerous hours out on their bikes and scooters already. 

Max thought it was pretty fun to push his sister around too! 

The balls have made their appearance too! 

We have no idea if this weather is going to stick around or if snow is in the near future but we will take full advantage of these early beautiful spring days! 

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