Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dad Keeps Life Exciting!!

Eric was in Florida a little over a week ago on a business trip!! He ended up in a Florida hospital getting his appendix out!! It was hard being here and having him in the hospital there. Of course after the emotions about it all subsided and I begin to see a little more clearly we were very thankful that it was not anything worse. One of my friends reminded me that I serve a big God. What a comfort that He can hold Eric in his hands in Florida through surgery and wrap his arms around me at the same time since I couldn't be there with him! He is on the mend and we are very thankful to have him home again!

Of course when daddy goes on a trip he usually comes home with something special for his 3
little munchkins. Even though he had just had surgery he found some time to make a stop in a Disney Gift Shop! The kids were thrilled with some new stuffed Disney characters but the real excitement came with the Disney lollipops!!!!

Who do you think the sweet tooth in the family is?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Know You Live In South Dakota when .......

You know you live in South Dakota when you wake up on April 10 and there is snow on the ground!

The girls were very excited to see snow this morning. It meant one more day to get all bundled up and have some fun outside. Emma quickly reminded me that they also get hot cocoa when they come in to warm up.

My prayer today is that my eyes are a little more childlike. I woke up this morning bummed and wondering why I don't live in Arizona anymore. My girls woke up full of joy because they knew they got to play in the snow at least one more day. They always see to find joy in the things going on around them. I hope I can slow down and take time to find joy even in the little things going on around me in the days to come!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter

We had fun celebrating Easter with our family!!

What a crew!! Darby is 5, Alexa is 4, Emma is 3, Tyra is 2 and Shane is 1!! They are busy but have so much fun together!

Mr. Shane had decided that we took enough pictures!

The Hunt is on ...........

Taking a break with dad!

Look what I found!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Simply Bow Beautiful - It's All About The Hair

Are you looking for Hair Bows for your little lady? I would be glad to help you and answer any questions you might have. Below are pictures and information about my most popular bows. I am not limited to these and am willing to make anything you might want ... just ask. If you have questions feel free to e-mail me at Contact Me

Mini Maggies - soft, velvet covered clips for your precious little one
made with a magnet for a tighter hold. These are perfect for infants with baby-fine hair but also for those girls with a little bit more. They are made with 7/8" grosgrain ribbon or 5/8" sheer ribbon. They are about 2" long. Mini Maggies are $3.00 a piece

Baby Bow - a simple bow made of 7/8 in ribbon that looks darling in every little girl's hair. These work great for little ones as their hair starts to come in but also is a perfect little bow to tie back the bangs of a little girl that has a little more hair. They are made with an alligator clip so they stay in very fine hair. They are about 2" long. Baby Bows are $3.00 a pair.

Lil Bow - a simple bow made of 7/8" ribbon that is great for a little girl with a good amount of hair. It can be made with an alligator clip or a french clip. Lil' bows are 2.5" long. They are $4.00 a pair.

Lil' Kidz Bow - a simple bow made of 1.5 in ribbon that is the perfect accessory for every little girl. These bows are very versatile and can be worn in the hair or clipped through a rubber band on a ponytail. This bow is made with an alligator clip but can also be made with a 1.25" french clip. Lil' Kidz Bows are about 2.25" long and are $4.00 a pair.

Lil' Kidz Fairytale - a fun little bow made of 1.5" ruffle ribbon and can be used for any occasion. Wear it with a dress or jeans and a t-shirt. It is about 2.25" long and is usually made with an alligator clip. Lil' Kidz Fairytale Bows are $4.00 a pair.

Lil' Kidz Twin Bow - a fun bow that is made of 5/8 or 7/8" ribbon. These are super cute in solid colors but just plain fun with stripes or polka dots. These fun little bows are about 2.5" long. They can either be made with alligator clips or french clips. Lil' Kidz Twin Bows are $5.00 a pair.

Kidz Bow - a single 3" long bow made from 1.5" ribbon that is perfect for any little girl with good amount of hair. Kidz bows can be worn in the hair or clipped around rubber bands. They can either be made with alligator clips or french clips. They are $5.00 a pair.

Kidz Fairytale - a fun little bow made of satin ruffle ribbon. It can be worn for the fanciest occasions or just with jeans and a white t-shirt. It is made with 1.5" ruffle ribbon and is about 3" long. This bow is usually made with a 2" - 2.25" french clip but could also be made with an alligator clip. Kidz Fairytale bows are $5.00 a pair. (These are the bows my girls have in in the pictures at the beginning of the post.)

Kidz Twin Bow - the perfect bow for those summer ponytails. This bows is made from 1.5" ribbon and is about 4" long. The fun summer stripe ribbon makes a cute summer time bow. This bow is made with a 2.25" fench clip. The Kidz Twin bows are $5.00 a piece.

Ribbon Color -
  • Solid Grosgrain - Click on title Solid Grosgrain to go to the color chart of all the solid grosgrain ribbon that is available. These colors can be used for any style and any size bow.
  • Ruffle Ribbon - the Ruffle Ribbon is available in light pink, hot pink, navy, black, white, creme, brown, royal blue, light blue, coral, turquoise, red, wine, orange, yellow, lime green, mint green, bright purple, lavendar
  • Sheer Ribbon - Sheer ribbon is available in almost any color.
  • Stripes/Polka Dots/Prints - see pictures below (click on pictures to see them larger)
5/8 inch ribbon

7/8 inch ribbon

1.5 inch ribbon

If you don't see what ribbon color or pattern you are looking for just ask and I'll see what I can find for you!

Bow Hardware

Customer Testimonies

These are our favorite bows!! They are fun AND beautiful and Julie is so accomodating. Her sizes are wonderful for little ones to grow with- we love these bows!!!" Becky

"As a hairdresser, I enjoy styling my little girl's hair in pretty bows! But because she has baby fine hair, it's difficult to find a barrette that will hold in her hair all day long. Mini Maggies are my favorite!!! The velvet is soft on her hair, and the magnet helps keep it in place...all day! We have a big collection of Mini Maggies because we love all the colors and patterns of ribbon Julie has to offer!" Andra

"I love Julie's bows. I have searched everywhere for bows, barrettes, anything that would stay in Savannah's hair. Her bows are so adorable, come in so many different colors, and most importantly, STAY IN HER HAIR!!!! I get compliments all of the time on how cute they are! They just look so adorable in her hair and I love buying different ones to go with her outfits!" Carrie

- Standard shipping is $4.25

Orders - E-mail me at
Contact Me with any questions or orders.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Little Time Away

Eric and I escaped to Mexico for a week. We wondered what we would do with all our time without 3 little ones in toe but we didn't seem to have a problem filling our days with a lot of relaxing. Some highlights from the trip are .....

This is the view from the balcony of our room.... I quickly got

used to waking up
to this every morning!

Just a picture on the beach in front of our resort!

We spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool!

One afternoon we went out on a catamaran on a a snorkeling tour. These were some of the sights as we sailed. We nearly froze to death snorkeling so I don't think we'll be doing that again!

This is the entry to our resort. Every night we went
into Cabo for dinner. This was where we waited for
our shuttle ride.

We ate at a lot of great local restaurants. We got our fill of good Mexican food!

We went for a ride up the mountains and by
the ocean in the Mexican Hummer!

This is the life ...... massages on the beach!

The morning sun rise sitting in our pool side lawn chairs. This was our view everyday since we staked out the best view and got these chairs every morning!

The waves were crashing right on the shore and Eric was trying his hardest to get a great picture without getting wet. In the end he was quite wet!

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