Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dad Keeps Life Exciting!!

Eric was in Florida a little over a week ago on a business trip!! He ended up in a Florida hospital getting his appendix out!! It was hard being here and having him in the hospital there. Of course after the emotions about it all subsided and I begin to see a little more clearly we were very thankful that it was not anything worse. One of my friends reminded me that I serve a big God. What a comfort that He can hold Eric in his hands in Florida through surgery and wrap his arms around me at the same time since I couldn't be there with him! He is on the mend and we are very thankful to have him home again!

Of course when daddy goes on a trip he usually comes home with something special for his 3
little munchkins. Even though he had just had surgery he found some time to make a stop in a Disney Gift Shop! The kids were thrilled with some new stuffed Disney characters but the real excitement came with the Disney lollipops!!!!

Who do you think the sweet tooth in the family is?


Beckyb said...

Wow - I had no idea - that does make for an exciting week - and it is worse when you are stuck and can't get there. Glad all is well now - LOVE THE PICS!!

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