Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Cookies

The kids love making cut out cookies.  Thanks to my friend Kathy she has blessed me with a wonderful cookie and frosting recipe.  I would call her and her friend Shannon the cookie and cake queens.  I met them through my blog and would love to fly and meet them in person and also take some cookie and cake decorating classes from them.  Kathy helped with some tips so the rolling and cutting and cookie process isn't so frustrating and we come out with yummy, not burnt or broken cookies.  So now I can get as excited as the kids for our cookie cutting and cooking fun! 


The girls rolled out the dough and were ready to get to work!


This is serious business!


Shane joined in on the fun too!


Then it was Max's turn to join in for some fun! Of course he had more than enough hands wanting to help him cut out cookies for the first time.


He was so fun to watch!


He decided to taste a little flour ....


then decided to share some with Emma!


A big smile for Alexa.  This boy loves life!


When we weren't looking he put a big ball of dough in his mouth.  We head a lot of "mmmmmmm's" after that.  Notice the ball in his cheek.

It has been so fun for the kids to experience all these firsts for Max with him.  They love his reactions and to see what he does.  I love taking it all in.  There is new excitement in the things we do as we experience them through Max's eyes.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome Home Samantha

Today we couldn't wait for the day to pass by so we could go to the airport to Welcome Home our friends Jarrod and Sara and their new little girl Samantha. I felt like my emotions were on edge all day as we anticipated their arrival.  There is some things that just can't be put into words and getting off the airplane, walking through the doors and seeing your family and friends with your new little one in your arms is one of those moments.  I was so excited to watch our friends walk through the door and experience that very same thing.


The girls were so excited and spent a good chunk of the afternoon making a sign to hold at the airport.


The kids were waiting in anticipation.  On the way to the airport it was fun to hear them reminisce about the things they were thinking and feeling as they waited to meet their new little brother. James and Josiah were very excited to see their mom and dad again and new sister.


Jarrod and Sara walking through the doors with Samantha and seeing their boys for the first time.


Max brought his friend Samantha an American Flag.  It was so fun to see them wave these together.  Someday I pray they understand what waving the red, white and blue truly means for them.


We can't wait to see our Asian cuties grow up together.  We already have an arranged marriage in the works.


Isn't she just a sweetheart?


The best picture of them all! Finally together .... a family of 5 now!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Afternoon Of Fun At The Museum

There is a new Children's Museum 45 minutes from our house.  We decided to kidnap daddy from work one afternoon and take him along for an afternoon of fun.

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The first stop was the Car Room.  The girls were busy getting the tires changed!

Shane decided to check under the hood to make sure everything was ready to go.


They all took a look under the car. They reported everything looked good.


Max found the gears and had fun spinning them round and round.


Next stop was a favorite ... The Market.  Max caught on pretty quickly how fun it was to push his cart around and throw things inside.


Emma weighing her fruit!


Then it was time to visit Shane to check out!

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Max loved the garden area.  He had fun picking potatoes, carrots, corn and tomatoes.


Shane headed over to the barn to see if the chickens had laid any eggs.


Next step ... how many pull ups can we do?

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One of Shane's favorite stops was at the Post Office.  He loved delivering and gathering mail around the museum.


The kids then climbed up in the clouds.  I love Max looking up at his brother and sisters wondering where in the world where they were going? In no time he will be following right behind.


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The girls loved the Diner where they took our order and made our sandwiches for us.  The finished off the meal with an ice cream sundae.


Max thought the food looked pretty tasty.

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Next was the Art Room.  The girls had fun doing crayon rubs and everyone loved drawing and squeegeeing the window.

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The Water Room was another favorite! There was tons of water fun to be found around the water table.

We had such a fun family day at the South Dakota Children's Museum.  I am sure we will be back soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Preschool Save the Earth night

Shane has been learning about taking care of his body and the earth at preschool.  I have learned there are some units that kids just connect with for what ever reason.  Well this was the one for Shane.  He was so into taking care of the earth and educating us at home.  You could almost say he was obsessed with what you could and couldn't throw away.  We would get busted if we threw something in the trash that should be recycled.  He would dig it out and tell us to take care of the earth.  He saved any box or plastic item he could and made a grocery store down in our play room.  He would take boxes and make them into cars, houses, trains or whatever else he could come up with.  He also asked if he could go ask our neighbors for their recyclable stuff so he could save the earth.  Like I said .... he embraced the unit.  

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After the unit was complete they had a fun night at preschool.  The kids got to plant flowers.


The carefully dug little holes with pencils, dropped their seeds in, covered them up and sprayed them with water.


Max thought he was hot stuff and sat by the table and took it all in!


The girls decided to make some ladybugs out of egg cartons.



While Shane decided it would be more fun to head outside.


Alexa joined him on the Natural Playground when she was done.  Time to show off her balancing skills.


Max spent his time pushing the truck around.


Emma playing tag but taking a break to tie a shoe.


Alexa also spent some time building some things.


Max and Alexa shared a healthy smoothie made with all kids of vegetables to finish off the night.

Shane loved taking all of us to preschool for an evening of fun!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Leigh's Blankies

Max loves his blankies.  It is amazing to see how fast he has become attached to his blankies and finds comfort in them.  


This week Max got a very special package in the mail. 



It was a Leigh's Blankie from my friend Andra.  My friend Leigh Ann was killed a little over a year ago tragically in a car accident.  Andra started a ministry in memory of her and to carry on the legacy she left behind.  She was such a light for Christ and loved others well.  Leigh's Blankie's Mission is that those who receive them will be reminded of the warm love of Christ and the security that it brings.




Look at him bury his face in his new blankie!


Andra continues to follow God's lead as he opens doors all over the world to share Christ's light. Pray for his leading and for those little ones that receive these special blankies. 

Go to Leigh's Blankies to find out how you can help spread Christ's light through this ministry.  You also can see were all of these sweet little blankies have gone and are heading.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Night At The Park

After Max experience the backyard for the first time we decided we couldn't pass up enjoying the beautiful evening.  We decided we had to hit the park with Max for the first time.

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Max loved the slide as you can see from the big smiles on his face!


His sisters were very excited to help him around the play set.


We weren't quite sure what he thought about the swing.  He looked a bit scared and got a little pale in the face when he started swinging.  When we stopped him he would try to get his swing moving again.  So we figured he had to like it at some level.


Then a couple times we got a smile.


And of course there are always smiles and giggles when daddy is around.


Alexa took him down the big curly slide and he was all smiles.

The girls working together to help Max down the slide.


Max was mesmorized by this father and son.  There are times he just sits back and takes it all in.  This was one of those evenings.


Max and Emma hopped on to give it a try.


What a great night to spend at the park! Max loved it! I am sure there will be many hours spent at the parks this spring and summer!

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