Monday, April 18, 2011

Leigh's Blankies

Max loves his blankies.  It is amazing to see how fast he has become attached to his blankies and finds comfort in them.  


This week Max got a very special package in the mail. 



It was a Leigh's Blankie from my friend Andra.  My friend Leigh Ann was killed a little over a year ago tragically in a car accident.  Andra started a ministry in memory of her and to carry on the legacy she left behind.  She was such a light for Christ and loved others well.  Leigh's Blankie's Mission is that those who receive them will be reminded of the warm love of Christ and the security that it brings.




Look at him bury his face in his new blankie!


Andra continues to follow God's lead as he opens doors all over the world to share Christ's light. Pray for his leading and for those little ones that receive these special blankies. 

Go to Leigh's Blankies to find out how you can help spread Christ's light through this ministry.  You also can see were all of these sweet little blankies have gone and are heading.


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