Monday, May 21, 2007

More Tulip Festival Fun

The fun only starts with scrubbing streets at The Tulip Festival! The kids had fun .......

watching the parade .......

eating all the yummy but not so healthy food .........

going for a Dutch taxi ride and of course........

RIDES with cousins!!!!!!

Scrubbing Streets At The Tulip Festival

We spent the weekend at the Tulip Festival in my home town this weekend. Grammy was able to track down some Dutch costumes so the kids could dress up and scrub streets. I even had a Dutch costume to wear this year! It is always fun to spend the day at the Tulip Festival!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alexa's Preschool Graduation

It is hard to believe that Alexa is finished with a year of preschool. She had such a wonderful year and loved every minute of it. She is our shy, timid little girl but something came over her in her little program. She became the class leader belting out the songs and doing every action right on cue. We are so proud of her. Mom was a little teary through the program. I just can't believe that she is almost 5 where have the years gone!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First School Project

Alexa had her first school project for preschool. They had to make a car out of a cardboard box as they were finishing up a transportation unit. She wanted a yellow car with a blue racing stripe and pink wheels of course. She also needed to put some flowers and hearts on it to make it girly, girly!! She had fun with daddy making the car and Emma chipped in with her painting expertise too! The day they brought their cars to school the teacher surprised them and they had a drive in movie!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Flowers

I had to post some pictures of the flowers I got for Mother's Day. Eric ordered them from my brother. My brother owns a landscaping business and flower shop in Sioux Center, Iowa called Ground Effects. They have the most unique flower arrangements so I thought I'd show mine off and put a little plug in for them if you live in the area.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Just Can't Get Enough Of It

Spring is here!!! It has actually felt more like summer a couple days this week. I now remember why I don't get anything done in the house in the summer .... from sun-up to sun-down we are outside. Shane would live outside if we let him. Last weekend he had his first real park experience since last year he wasn't walking and very content just to sit in the stroller and watch everyone else. Now, if he was my first he would have been forced to go down the slide, crawl through the tunnels and walk across the bridge last summer. Since he is my 3rd in 3 years I was very content to let him sit in the stroller since he was content. So needless to say a whole new world of fun was at his fingertips last weekend. He couldn't get enough of the slides.

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