Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

3 eager kids + 3 empty bags = Time to Trick or Treat

The kids were very excited for the sun to start setting so they could head to the neighbors for a little Trick or Treating.  

Alexa aka Tinkerbell

Emma aka Cinderella

Shane aka Super Pooh (that's what he likes to be called)

And they are off! 

Trick or Treat!

It was a beautiful fall evening.  The kids had a fun evening Trick or Treating at some neighbor's houses.  We then jumped into the van and stopped at some friends houses.  We spent some time chatting and the kids had fun playing with their friends.  We even got to sit by a fire and chat with some of our friends while the kids ate some candy by the fire.  Someday the kids may catch on that stopping by friends houses for breaks means less candy.  

Harvest Party

The kids love going to the Harvest Party at church every year.  The middle school students set up different booths.  These were some of the highlights .....

Go Fish

the Duck Pick

the Cake Walk

Shoot For 3



The Sucker Wall

Face Painting

and last but not least with the clown who did balloon art! 

The kids left with big smiles on their faces, balloon flowers and animals, painted faces and bag of candy.  Life doesn't get much better than that when you are a kid! 

Preschool Fall Fun

Emma had a Fall Party at preschool on Thursday. Everyone wore pajamas and a lot of fall fun! 

We were in charge of the snack center so Emma decided she wanted to make pumpkin cupcakes so this is what we came up with.  A pretzel for the stem and some fruit roll-ups cut like leaves.  

A little pumpkin bowling for fun! 

I had to take a picture of sweet little Nox.  Nox is the new little brother of Emma's  best friend Cara.  They adopted him from Guatemala.  They got his referral when he was 3 months old and have been waiting patiently to get him in their arms.  They welcomed him home in late August.  Isn't he just a sweet heart. 
Emma making an egg carton spider.

Playing Fall Bingo with some friends.

Fall Stamping Fun!! 

It was fun spending the morning with Emma and her friends.  It's always a treat to spend time in the girl's classrooms.  Happy Fall! 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

One of the kids favorite places to visit in the fall is Pumpkinland.  It is on the way to papa and grammy's house so the kids wait and watch all year for it to open. The kids enjoyed the fun at Pumpkinland on a beautiful fall day!

The girls love to stand and see how tall every fall!

The kids loved petting the animals in the petting zoo.

Ready for the corn maze!

Do they look like they are having fun?

Looking for the perfect pumpkin out in the patch! 

Mia found the perfect pumpkin! 

Happy Birthday Dad

At the end of September we celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday! We had a wonderful day celebrating as a family.  We had fun hanging out, went to the Pumpkin Patch, took some pictures, played some games and the adults went out for dinner in the evening.  

Papa and Grammy with their 6 little ones. Justin and Ang are adding a 7th in March.  Maybe Shane will get another boy to even the playing ground a little. 

Jay, Alissa, Darby, Tyra and Mia

Eric, Julie, Alexa, Emma and Shane

Justin and Ang

Jon and Shane

Our family is a circle of strength and love.
With every birth and union the circle grows.
Every joy shared adds more love.
Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Fun At The Apple Orchard

The girls had a fun fall field trip at the Apple Orchard.  They happen to be there on the same day which worked out great for me.  I was able to hang out with both of them because Alexa went right away in the morning and Emma went a little later in the morning. 

The girls rode on the wagon behind the tractor to the apple trees to pick their own bag of apples. 

Looking for those perfect apples!

Alexa and her friend Caitlyn having some fun in the hay! 

Both of the girls got to listen to an apple story, enjoy some apple slices and drink some apple juice! 

Alexa and her class taking a silly picture! 

Alexa and Emma were excited to see each other at the Apple Orchard!

Emma looking for the perfect apples! 

This is it!! 

Emma was pretty proud of her bag of apples! 

Emma having some fun in the hay! 

Checking out the animals! 

Emma and her preschool friends! The girls had a fun morning at the Apple Orchard! 

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