Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wishing This Weather Would Stay A Little Longer

I can't remember a fall that we have lived outside as much as we have this fall.  The kids grab a snack and then spend their time after school outside until supper and then try to squeeze a little more time in before bath time.

Our old driveway had a huge incline that balls and chalk would roll down right to the road.  It made me nervous to be out there with the kids especially with Max this spring and summer.  All that to say this was Max's first adventure with sidewalk chalk.

Two hands work better than one! 

As you can see he thought it was pretty fun!

The big kids divided up the drive way and went to work on their own masterpiece!

I love Shane with his helmet on.  Well at least you know we encourage safety here even when we are doing sidewalk chalk!

We tried to do homework outside so we could enjoy the weather.  The kids often would practice their spelling words in the driveway! 

We live on a very quiet cul de sac so the kids have a ton of room to ride their bikes!  Max loves to be pulled around.  His siblings often fight over who gets to pull him.  It was Alexa's turn but not without a cost ..... it is a bit of work when you are too big for the trike.

Emma just enjoying the day!

Shane is getting too big for his bike so check out his sweet ride.  Yes, he hopped on the purple princess bike and spends most of his time on it.  He just doesn't want me to take a picture of him on it! 

Max loves bike helmets and buckles which equals a dangerous combination.  He would get so focused on trying to get his straps buckled.

And just plane mad when it didn't work!

But when he got it it was time to celebrate! As you can see there was no holding back from celebrating from this little boy!

We hope we get some more days just to enjoy everything outside has to offer.  I know as the kids get old and are busy with after school activities  I will look back and cherish the time we had after school on the driveway! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Little Eyes

There are two little eyes that are always watching and copying! 

Apple Hunting

We have had a beautiful fall.  It has been unseasonably warm.  Our day at the Apple Orchard was no exception.  I love the sunlight streaming through the trees on this picture.  I would like to say I had something to do with it with my camera settings but it was just one of those beautiful days that was captured on my camera.

The Apple Orchard is another place that we like to make an annual visit to. It was a little crazy this year not having a preschooler that had a field trip to the Apple Orchard.  I think for the last 5 - 6 years I have been on a field trip to the Apple Orchard.  It was a big "awe ... where did the time go"moment for me when we drove up.  I know before I blink it will be Max's turn.


Our first stop was to look at the animals.  I love Max peeking through the fence and taking it all in! 

The big kids decided to climb the fence instead.  

Guess who wanted to be just like his big brother and sisters?

I love the expression you can see in his profile.  This little boy finds so much joy in life.  

I love Emma's cute little stance here checking out the chickens!

Max was trying to get the goats attention by squealing at the top of his lungs! 

Emma just reached on in.

The kids then made their way over to the hay! 

Max wasn't quite sure what to think of the hay and being so high off the ground! It didn't take him long to figure out it was pretty fun but a little poky! 

I love watching the kids run and jump.  They look so carefree and like they are soaking up life.

Shane quickly learned that Crocs were not the shoe of choice in the hay!

Max was off running through the apple orchard as fast as his little legs could carry him.  To think he was an ocean away just a year ago ... amazing!  He has a whole new world right before him and let me tell you he embraces it with his whole being.

A not so shiny red apple stopped him in his tracks.

Apples were hard to come by this year.  The orchard said it was one of their worst years of apple production.  Emma spotted one way in the top of the tree.

My brown-eyed girl.

Shane found a couple too! 

This picture is a picture of Emma's relationship with her little brother.  She does life with him.  She slows him down and engages him in things around him.  She will sit and talk with him.  I often find him snuggled in a corner in his room with her reading books to him.  She will play school with him and teach him new words.  She is gentle and loving and he knows he has her wrapped around his little finger.

There are times that she just steps back and lets him do his thing but he often turns around and heads back her direction.

A quick stop at the train before we wrap up our time at the Apple Orchard.

We of course can't leave the Apple Orchard with out a couple of their apple turnovers. YUMMY!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Homecoming Parade

There was a buzz in the air on Friday as the kids were anticipating Homecoming and all the activities that go with it. One of the big events was the parade that the kids march in.

They talked all week about the theme their class was doing.   Each class represented a state.  Shane's class came through first.

There is my proud little kindergartner as Uncle Sam.  They were representing New York so the girls dressed up as the Statue Of Liberty and the boys were dressed as Uncle Sam. 

They all waved their American Flags proudly.

One last wave before he was out of sight!

Next came Emma's class who were ready to hit the beach.

The represented California so all wore beach attire and carried items they would take to the beach! Emma got to carry the music for her class.  

One last big grin from my beach beauty! 

Next the cowboys and cowgirls made their way through the parade. 

Alexa's class represented Texas had had quite the chant with their howdies and yee haws!

Round em up 3rd graders! 

Each of the classes came through and then there were various floats and businesses in town that made their way way through the parade route throwing candy.  Shane was a little sad to miss this part this year now that he was in the parade.  He always loved going to the parade and getting all the fun candy and treats that everyone threw out.  As the football players and cheerleaders rode through on floats I couldn't help think this just might be right around the corner as fast as I feel like these years are going.  Could they please slow down a little.  

After the parade we made our way into school for the Family Fun Festival.  The kids had fun playing all the different games.  It is getting a little easier to maneuver through the craziness now that we have done it a couple years. 

Shane thought it was so much fun to play the games but also to see his classmates all over.

Emma won the cake walk and look at these fun yummy brownie pops she picked out.  There were numerous parents and teachers that commented to her that they were so her.  I love that others see my Emma for who she is and her love and excitement for life! 

We finished the day with fun on the inflatables. 

The weather was a little chilly so we decided not to go the football game.  I am sure as the kids get older and they start asking the tail gate party and football game will be added to our Homecoming fun!
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