Monday, September 15, 2008

A Dream Come True

Do you think she looks excited?  For the past couple years Alexa has watched little girls play soccer at some fields by our house and continued to ask, "When can I play soccer?"  When Alexa was 4, in preschool she said she wanted to be a Soccer Girl when she grows up.  Alexa has been playing soccer in the backyard and waiting for the big day.  You can only imagine how excited she was when we told her she could play soccer when she was in Kindergarten.  For such a little thing she can hold her own.  She has the drive of her daddy and the aggressiveness of her mommy.  It just may be a dangerous combination.

Alexa was all smiles and ready for the games to begin! 

Alexa is playing with a local club soccer program.  I love the program because she is learning about the game, learning soccer skills and doing some 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 scrimmages.  

A deep breath as she aims for the goal!

Emma and Shane are on the sidelines yelling, "Go Alexa Go!!!"

Alexa started last week and every day she has put her gear on to go practice in the backyard.  Do you think she is a driven first born child?  

Alexa Grace we are so proud of you! You can do anything and be anything you put your mind to! 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last Days of Summer

We spent the other part of our Labor Day weekend at the lake enjoying the last days of summer.  We were able to spend time with my whole family for a couple days.  The kids enjoyed the sun, sand, water and catching frogs with cousins.  We enjoyed our time relaxing, chatting and playing games.  There is nothing like summer days at the lake ... if only summer didn't have to come to an end.  We are so thankful for the memories that we are able to make at the lake with our family.  
Rejoice in every good thing the Lord your God has given you! 
Deuteronomy 27:15

Alexa Grace you are my delight! 

Emma Faith you are my sunshine!

 Shane Robert you are my bundle of joy! 

The Brown-Eyed Beauties!

Look at those Blondie's!  

Six little blessings! 

Playing in the sand!

Five Little Ladies and a Gentleman! 

Shane is all boy and with-in minutes he was out in the water, shorts wet and splashing around.  And I thought I'd get some cute pictures of him on the beach with his feet in the water!

This is what I'm talking about girls! Just getting your toes wet! Shane take some lessons from the big girls! 

Emma with that smile that you can't help but love! 

Life Light

One of our highlights from Labor Day weekend was heading out to Life Light.  Life Light is a 3 day music festival that takes place in our town.  It is an amazing weekend with awesome Christian bands and speakers.  There is no charge to attend it is a huge outreach that our community has a heart for and trusts God for donations.  People come from all over and lives are forever changes. 

This gives you a glimpse of the people that are out in a field praising the Lord.  

The girls look forward to the singing, dancing and the food every year! 

Shane getting his groove on during one of the concerts.

This a picture of us hanging out with our good friends enjoying the music, a beautiful evening and time with friends.  The kids were enjoying playing doggy pile on Jarrod.

Or just wrestling! 

Shane wanted to wear his dancing hat on Saturday night!

The concerts Saturday night were wonderful.  There was a record crowd of 130,000 people to gather to hear Leeland and Michael W. Smith.  It was an amazing time of praise and worship! 
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