Monday, September 15, 2008

A Dream Come True

Do you think she looks excited?  For the past couple years Alexa has watched little girls play soccer at some fields by our house and continued to ask, "When can I play soccer?"  When Alexa was 4, in preschool she said she wanted to be a Soccer Girl when she grows up.  Alexa has been playing soccer in the backyard and waiting for the big day.  You can only imagine how excited she was when we told her she could play soccer when she was in Kindergarten.  For such a little thing she can hold her own.  She has the drive of her daddy and the aggressiveness of her mommy.  It just may be a dangerous combination.

Alexa was all smiles and ready for the games to begin! 

Alexa is playing with a local club soccer program.  I love the program because she is learning about the game, learning soccer skills and doing some 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 scrimmages.  

A deep breath as she aims for the goal!

Emma and Shane are on the sidelines yelling, "Go Alexa Go!!!"

Alexa started last week and every day she has put her gear on to go practice in the backyard.  Do you think she is a driven first born child?  

Alexa Grace we are so proud of you! You can do anything and be anything you put your mind to! 


Flip-flop Mama said...

What a cute little "Soccer Girl" you have on your hands! Glad she's enjoying it!!

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Looks like a good fit! Way to go Alexa.

Andra said...

She looks like a little soccer star!!!

Nikki said...

Way to go, Alexa!

And, could she be ANY cuter in her uniform!? I think not.

Glad she finally gets to play and is enjoying it...Lily has been asking quite faithfully when SHE will get to play soccer as well.

Lisa said...

As a soccer mom x2, I was all smiles reading this post. So glad she is enjoying it!

mommy24treasures said...

she is a beautiful soccer girl:) just beautiful.

Lori said...

Her excitement about this great sport is just wonderful and I'm sure it will take her far! Way to go Alexa Grace....way to make your dream come true!!!
The pictures are just darling! :)

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

LOL - I have a little one who got to play this season too! She has spent two years chasing dreams behind her older brother!
Ladybug hugs,

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