Thursday, November 13, 2008

Emma's Quote Of The Week

Emma's quote of the week ...." Mom, I just feel like the whole world is falling apart!"  

To clarify .... the grocery store we shop at is under construction and is a complete mess.  It has been that way the last couple months.  Emma can't wait for everything to be back in working order.  Today we were running errands around town and there was quite a bit of road construction.  So a grocery store under construction and road construction equates to the whole world falling apart in Emma's eyes.  

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We're Going On A Fall Treasure Hunt

Last weekend the weather was beautiful. On Saturday it was in the high 60's which is a treat at the beginning of November in South Dakota.  The kids wanted to go on an hunt for things to use for crafts.  We decided to go to one of our favorite spots, the Trails.  A couple miles from our house there is a beautiful area of trails with tons of trees by the river. They were on the look out for leaves, sticks, flowers, acorns and anything else they thought they could use.  Eric decided to be photographer while we were out on our adventure.  I think he took over 300 pictures in an hour and a half.  We had so much fun enjoying God's nature and the beautiful weather. 

Two weeks ago we were at this same spot.  The trees were full of colorful leaves.  Now the trees were almost empty and the river was full of leaves.  Emma wondered who was going to clean up all these leaves.  

I loved this picture of Shane peaking around the tree! 

Shane dropping a few treasures in his bag. 

The girls made a plan on the way.  They were determined to find some acorns for heads for the people they were going to make.  You would think with all these trees they would find some acorns.  They were out of luck so had to come up with plan #2.

Shane pulled out the pouty lip when he couldn't figure out how to get the stick in the bag.  He said, "Oh bummer, it doesn't fit!"

Alexa was on the hunt for treasures but also was on the hunt for places she could pose for pictures.  She was so funny.  She'd find a spot, pose, smile and wait for Eric to notice.

Miss Emma is usually Miss Photogenic! 

Shane jumping in the leaves! 

Emma and her giggles! 

Alexa running through the trees!

Enjoying our time together in God's beautiful creation!

Shane scaling up the tree.  Have you noticed that Shane is our active boy?  He's always up for an adventure.  He ended the day with some thistles in his shirt, grass stains on his pants and a scratch on his face from a branch that he says hurt him. 

What a beautiful fall day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Fun Night

Sunday night is Family Fun Night at the McDonald house.  We usually play games and the kids love dancing to the Sunday Night Football song.  One of the kids usually says, "Yes, tonight is Family Fun Night!"  We decided to make some Candy Apples this week.  The kids had so much fun and we had fun eating our yummy treat! 

Emma busy getting all the caramels peeled! 

Shane concentrating as he gets his stick in his apple! 

MMM ... look at that yummy caramel! 

What should we roll them in?  How about some chocolate chips and marshmallows!

Shane just couldn't resist and tried to sneak a little lick! 

Eric excited about his Candy Apple! 

How am I going to eat this thing?

Yummy ... this is good! 

"I think I might need a bath after this!"

The kids had so much fun making their Candy Apples and had even more fun eating them! 
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