Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter At Papa And Grammy's House

We had a wonderful Easter at Papa and Grammy's House. As you can see there are 6 little ones 6 and under so we did our best to get a picture of all of them looking somewhat adorable. We spent that night at the my brother's house so the kids didn't get the best night of sleep. They sure did have fun though. We all went to church on Sunday morning to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior.

The kids had fun discovering their treats from papa and grammy in their Easter baskets. The girls loved their pj's and Shane was into his Teddy Grahams.

The Easter Egg hunt took place inside since it was snowing and quite cold outside. The kids didn't seem to mind at all!

The kids finished their day with a yummy bunny cookie and then a long nap!

Friday, March 21, 2008

An Easter Favorite

The kids love getting out the Resurrection Eggs and Benjamin's Box book at Easter. It is a wonderful hands on way for kids to learn the Easter Story. They have so much fun opening up each egg and discovering what symbol is in it. It is fun to hear them tell the story in their own words now since we have read through it a couple times this week. I snagged some pictures of the 3 as Alexa was pretending to be the "mom" and was going through the book and eggs with her siblings. She did a great job explaining what each symbol stood for.

Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead...1 Peter 1:3

Easter Egg Fun

The kids had so much fun dying Easter eggs this week. Alexa, our little artist had so much fun drawing creations on her eggs that would show up after she dyed them. Emma just couldn't decided what color would be the best. She decided there were way too many to choose from. Shane loved watching his eggs turn color. He watch super as close as you can see by the picture. I love the excitement that childred have about life and the little things like dying Easter eggs. I hope you are able to find the excitement of a child about Jesus' ressurection this Easter weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Cookies

The kids love making cookies and decorating them. They were especially excited to make Easter cookies this year because they got some new cookie cutters that imprinted the design on the cookie. Papa and Grammy had gone on a trip and brought the cookie cutters back for them. Emma thought the cookies were beautiful. Alexa worked diligently to frost them as you can see by her striped egg and Shane was all about eating the dough, frosting, sprinkles and finally the cookie.

Happy Spring From Our Little Bunnies

Monday, March 17, 2008

You Know You Live In South Dakota When .....

you wake up to 4 inches of snow on March 17. The girls first reaction was "it snowed again!" They quickly changed their mind when daddy started saying that it was a nice snowman making snow fall. The girls could hardly wait for their daddy to come home today for the big event. They spent the day planning what they would use for eye, nose, mouth, arms, etc... It did end up to be the perfect snowman making day. The kids had so much fun. Before they made their way inside they made snow angels, piled on daddy and had a big snow ball fight. Just to see the smiles on their faces did make the snow worth it today. We do hope spring comes quickly though!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Read Across America Day

The girls had Read Across America Day last week at preschool. They also celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday. They had fun activities going on all day. Alexa's class dressed up as characters from books. She decided to be Minnie Mouse. Emma's class had pajama day, they got to bring a stuffed animal and a favorite book. Emma brought "The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly." Emma thinks that book is so funny, she giggles the whole way through.

Night Out With The Girls

A couple weekends ago we surprised the girls and took them to the "Go Fish" concert. We told them we were going somewhere special. The anticipation about killed them. Daddy planted seeds in their head like we might see alligators or bears there. They cautiously walked down the hall ... there were no alligators or bears but instead a lot of music. We have a couple of the Go Fish kids CD's so they kept saying "we know that song!" Their motto is making kids music that doesn't drive their parents nuts. If you have kids and their music drives you nuts you'll have to try the Go Fish guys. My kids love jammin' out to their music. Alexa was her conservative little self at the concert. She was swaying a little and clapping. Her sister, Emma, the party girl was jammin' out in the isles. We ended the night with some yummy cheese fries and dessert at Outback. The girls thought it was pretty fun to go on a date with mom and dad.

Time To Catch Up

I am just not sure where the time goes. Has it really been since Valentine's Day that I posted something? Part of the problem is that we left our camera at papa and grammy's a couple weeks ago. We now have it back. I didn't realize how much I pull the thing out and snap some pictures, no wonder my kids scrapbooks have so many pictures in them.

First order of business is CONGRATULATING my brother on a great season. He coaches the girls varsity team at my old high school. His girls made it to state this year. They ended up meeting the #1 ranked team first round and got beat. That team ended up winning the state tournament.

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