Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas At Papa And Grammy's House

We spent Christmas day at my parents house and had a wonderful day!  From the time I was little I remember sitting down for our yummy Christmas brunch on Christmas morning.  We still have many of our favorites to eat that we had growing up.  We spent the afternoon snacking while playing games and finished our day with a nice dinner! We are excited that next year Justin and Ang will be adding a new little one to the family!  The kids had so much fun together that we hardly saw them all afternoon! 

As kids we loved our stockings.  My parents never made a big deal about Santa.  When we were little we thought Santa filled them but as we got smarter we figured out it was mom.  My mom would always find the perfect things to fill them with.  When my brother was going to get married he asked my mom if he would still get a stocking when he got married.  Yes, we all still get stockings at Grammy's house and the kids get fun baskets that grammy fills.  It is a tradition that young and old love because Grammy always takes the time to find just the right things for our stockings!

One of Alexa's highlights was her puppy Lucky! I think Lucky is as close to a real dog as we are ever going to get! 

Emma's highlights were her new stroller and her princess shoes.  She has a different pair on every hour.  I think she even sleeps with them on.  Six new pairs of shoes is a princesses dream come true! 
Shane loves his new football uniform and football.  Everyone is hoping that he will wear the jersey now instead of the princess dresses! 

Grammy always finds matching PJ's to finish off the night! Everyone is ready for good night sleep after such a fun day! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from our home to yours! 

From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another
John 1:16

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas 

Six years ago we started the tradition to celebrate Christmas as our family on Christmas Eve.  As the kids get older it is fun to see their anticipation for the evening.  We started our evening by attending our Christmas Eve service to celebrate the birth of Jesus!  I loved overhearing the chatter in the back seat on the way to church about how much they love celebrating Jesus' birthday! 

Eric always makes a yummy meal of seafood! It is always a treat and we enjoy the food as well as the sweet conversation going on amongst our blessings! 
After dinner it is time to open presents!

One of Alexa's favorites was her felt board with felts of some of her favorite books.  She loves books and to play teacher so this is right up her alley.  Watch out Shane school will be in session soon! 

As you can see by Emma's faith she was delighted with her Fancy Nancy doll! 

Every time Shane opened something he said, "This is just what I wanted!"  The Geotrax Train was his favorite for the night! 
Do you think he looks excited! 

We finished the night by making a Happy Birthday Jesus cake, singing, blowing out candles and eating cake for Jesus' birthday!  Oh what it would have been like to be in that stable that night! We pray you have a wonderful Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth! 

Christmas Baking

For the last 4 year we have decorated cookies with my friend Julie and her kids.  Julie just had a baby so I was pretty sure she wouldn't be up for the adventure this year.  My girls were sure we couldn't decorate cookies without their friend Madelyln. We picked up Madelyln for our morning of cookie decorating.  The kids had so much fun together!

Alexa took time to made some very cute creations! 

Emma loved putting gumballs on everything! 

Shane loved the frosting.  He would stick his finger in the frosting and then say "O man" and then smile and lick the frosting off his finger! 

What cute little bakers with their Christmas aprons on! 

After the cookies were all frosted we made yummy pretzels and Christmas popcorn! 

Christmas with the McDonalds

Every year I make everyone take a family picture.  It is so much fun to look back over the years and see how the kidos change! 

Everyone felt the need to help Zach open his presents!  He was more interested in crawling away and the paper than what was inside! 

Shane was pretty excited to see a race track under the paper! 

"Just what I wanted!" Alexa exclaimed!! She loves Fancy Nancy but is all about puppies so has had her eye on this cute little puppy Frenchy
And Emma our princess and fashion queen was all about the lip gloss and sparkly lotion she got along with her Fancy Nancy ensemble.  

If you haven't read any of the Fancy Nancy books they are a must for little girls especially those who love to dress up!

Gingerbread House

Every year the kids love making a Gingerbread House.  This year was even more special because Grammy Sue was visiting so she got to join in on the fun! 

Emma concentrating as she puts frosting on the roof! 

Alexa and mommy carefully outlining the window!

Grammy helping Shane with his Gingerbread Man!

Shane carefully applying his candy!

The finished product!  The kids were so proud! I do see missing candy from time to time.  I wonder who has been sneaking around the kitchen?  Emma is sure it is Shane and Shane is sure it is Emma! 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Program

The kids had their Christmas program last weekend.  They were so excited to finally be on stage and sing after all their practice.  Shane sang his little heart out and was really loud.  Before each song he would say really loud, "We sing this one really loud!"  He also gave a bow after the first song.  

This was him yelling "no" on the song This Little Light Of Mine! 

Emma did a great job on stage.  She always was smiling from ear to ear between songs.  She is a little performer.

Alexa sang her little heart out and did every action on cue.  This was her last year in the Little Kids Choir.  Next year she moves to the big kids musical.  Where has the time gone! 

I'm so proud of our 3 little blessings.  They all did such a wonderful job! 

Visit To Santa

The kids were very excited for their visit to Santa.  On the way they were busy talking about what they were going to ask him for. 

Alexa asked for a little stuffed puppy house with 5 little puppies she saw in a magazine and some polly pockets.

Princess Emma wanted a necklace, bracelet, earings and some lip gloss.

Shane said he wanted a Cars phone and some dinosaurs.

Shane was really more worried about showing Santa his band-aid on his finger!

Our 3 little Christmas blessings!  

We finished the trip by visiting the balloon artist and getting some reindeer antlers and some Christmas wreathes!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Few Minutes In A Day At The McDonald House

What is happening at the McDonald house.  Here are a couple happenings as of late ......

Shane loves to dress up and play with his sisters.  What's a boy to do when he has 2 older sisters and there are a lot of princess dress up stuff available?  Of course join in and play dress up with the other princesses in the palace!  I had to post this cute little picture of Shane.  Someday he will be very mad at me for taking all these cute little pictures! 

The other happenings in the McDonald house is Emma's little haircut.  Emma decided to give herself a little trim.  She cut this piece on the side and then cut a little chunk out of her bangs.  She thought she wanted some bangs. Of course it was right before Christmas after taking a deep breath mom quickly realized it could have been worse.  Hair will grow back.  Hopefully that's the extent of home haircuts. 

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