Friday, March 30, 2012

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Emma had a 2nd grade Science Fair that she had to come up with an experiment about Matter or Motion.     Her dad was out of town but she was determined to wait until he was home and could help her come up with the perfect experiment.  I reminded her she wouldn't have a ton of time to pull it all together if she waited but she didn't mind one bit.  

Her daddy and her looked on the Internet and it was worth the wait! They came up with the perfect science experiment.  It fit Emma's personality to a T! 

Emma decided to try to make Fizzy Bath Bombs and then figure out why they fizzed when put in water. She thought it was perfect ... it was girly, she could pick the scent of the bath bomb, she loves baths and thought the fizzing part was cool!

 She gathered all the ingredients.

Mixed them together! 

Stirred them up! 

Put some in molds ....

and made the rest into balls.  She let them set for a day and then gave them a try.

Look at those Bath Bombs fizz!!! Emma was so excited when they worked and couldn't wait for the Science Fair.

Emma put her board together and was ready for the big day! 

It was fun seeing Emma in her element sharing about her Fizzy Bath Bombs as others asked questions. 

Nice work Emma! We are proud of you! 
PS When did you grow up so fast?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Color Me Mine

Shane was very excited to go on his field trip to Color Me Mine.  The kids quietly sat through their instructions and were itching to get painting.  

Color me1

All the kids got a bowl to paint.  Shane decided he wanted paint the outside blue but after starting he switched and decided to paint it green striped like a watermelon. 

Color me 6

They had all kids of fun things to paint with ... string, straws, q-tips, sponges, lids, pencils and their very own fingers.


It was fun to see the kids creative juices flow.


I loved seeing the buzz of all the kids and moms! 

Color Me 4

Shane painted the inside red and started making black dots for the seeds.


Shane and his friends at his table were having so much fun and making quite a mess.  The table next to him was all girls and everything was neat and tidy.... what a difference between boys and girls but each having so much fun in their own way!

Color me 2

I love Shane's expression here ... he was pretty happy with his creation!


Shane's black seeds quickly turned to an almost black inside.  The gal who was helping gave him the idea of scratching his name or things in the black and it would show through when it was baked.  Shane thought it was pretty cool! He can't wait to see how it turns out. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Egyptian Day

Alexa was so excited about her unit on Egypt. She came home many days during this unit with fun new information she was learning about Egypt and the Egyptian culture. 

The culmination of her unit was Egyptian Day.  There was a buzz in the air and a lot of excitement for the big day for the 3rd graders.  

Alexa was excited to get her Egyptian outfit on for the big day! 

She borrowed these cute shoes from her friend who dressed up as an Egyptian for Halloween! 

There was a group of kids that were responsible for answering questions about different aspects of Egypt.  She was in the "Nile River Group!"

The boys in her group were too funny!

Each of the 3rd graders made their own PowerPoint presentation about Egypt.  Alexa couldn't wait to share her masterpiece with us.  Her dad, the computer buff, was pretty impressed with what Alexa had put together. 

Alexa had fun making different things as they learned about the culture! 

Alexa and her best friend Olivia! 

It was a fun day of sharing for the 3rd graders and learning for the parents and other students in the school! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moving Up

Shane started Karate this winter and he absolutely loves it! He has an amazing teacher who he did Karate with in preschool during their gym time.  Mr. Mesa is a Christian man who teaches these kids way more than Karate.  

Notice the blue stripes on Shane's belt.  If he is respectful or does something nice or with out being told he gets a blue stripe.  Mr. Meza often talks with the kids about how they should act and respond in certain situations.  Shane is learning so much about discipline and respect and loves all he is learning about Karate.  

Shane was ready for his first testing.  I wish I would have had pictures of that day.  My picture days of the kids in their activities have come a little bit to a halt when Max is with me.  Karate is a bit difficult because Max would run right on the floor at Karate if I didn't have two hands on him.  He thinks he can do it too.  He actually is pretty cute and does know a lot of the moves.  Mr. Mesa sat in front of the kids as they had to do each move.  The kids also needed a good report from their parents about how they were acting at home and their teachers about their work habits, attitude and behavior at school.  The red stripe on his belt indicated that he passed and was ready to move up.  

Shane's Karate Academy had a Saturday morning that parents and grandparents could see a demonstration of what they have learned and they are presented with their new belts.  I was bummed and was out of town but Eric was super dad and took all 4 to the celebration and even snapped some pictures in the midst of all the people. I love this picture of Shane seeing some of his friends before they started! 

And of course a little chest bumping with friends! 

Shane in action! 

I love Shane's little smirk here! I am so proud of him and love seeing him find joy in something that is his .... Karate! 

The white was traded for yellow.  Stripes will be earned and testing done as he works toward his orange belt! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Alexa's Spring Program - The Passion Play

The 3rd - 5th grade put on the Spring Program at the kids' school this year.  Alexa was very excited for us to come and hear the story of Christ's Death and Resurrection as they sang and the 5th graders acted. 

Alexa sang her little heart out! 

I always love seeing the reenactment of the story of Christ's death and resurrection.  There is always such power in seeing it acted out especially from these students with their passion. 

This picture pretty sums it up ... goose bumps seeing all these kids with their hands raised praising Jesus and his victory over the grave! 
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