Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moving Up

Shane started Karate this winter and he absolutely loves it! He has an amazing teacher who he did Karate with in preschool during their gym time.  Mr. Mesa is a Christian man who teaches these kids way more than Karate.  

Notice the blue stripes on Shane's belt.  If he is respectful or does something nice or with out being told he gets a blue stripe.  Mr. Meza often talks with the kids about how they should act and respond in certain situations.  Shane is learning so much about discipline and respect and loves all he is learning about Karate.  

Shane was ready for his first testing.  I wish I would have had pictures of that day.  My picture days of the kids in their activities have come a little bit to a halt when Max is with me.  Karate is a bit difficult because Max would run right on the floor at Karate if I didn't have two hands on him.  He thinks he can do it too.  He actually is pretty cute and does know a lot of the moves.  Mr. Mesa sat in front of the kids as they had to do each move.  The kids also needed a good report from their parents about how they were acting at home and their teachers about their work habits, attitude and behavior at school.  The red stripe on his belt indicated that he passed and was ready to move up.  

Shane's Karate Academy had a Saturday morning that parents and grandparents could see a demonstration of what they have learned and they are presented with their new belts.  I was bummed and was out of town but Eric was super dad and took all 4 to the celebration and even snapped some pictures in the midst of all the people. I love this picture of Shane seeing some of his friends before they started! 

And of course a little chest bumping with friends! 

Shane in action! 

I love Shane's little smirk here! I am so proud of him and love seeing him find joy in something that is his .... Karate! 

The white was traded for yellow.  Stripes will be earned and testing done as he works toward his orange belt! 


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