Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Color Me Mine

Shane was very excited to go on his field trip to Color Me Mine.  The kids quietly sat through their instructions and were itching to get painting.  

Color me1

All the kids got a bowl to paint.  Shane decided he wanted paint the outside blue but after starting he switched and decided to paint it green striped like a watermelon. 

Color me 6

They had all kids of fun things to paint with ... string, straws, q-tips, sponges, lids, pencils and their very own fingers.


It was fun to see the kids creative juices flow.


I loved seeing the buzz of all the kids and moms! 

Color Me 4

Shane painted the inside red and started making black dots for the seeds.


Shane and his friends at his table were having so much fun and making quite a mess.  The table next to him was all girls and everything was neat and tidy.... what a difference between boys and girls but each having so much fun in their own way!

Color me 2

I love Shane's expression here ... he was pretty happy with his creation!


Shane's black seeds quickly turned to an almost black inside.  The gal who was helping gave him the idea of scratching his name or things in the black and it would show through when it was baked.  Shane thought it was pretty cool! He can't wait to see how it turns out. 


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