Saturday, March 10, 2012

Egyptian Day

Alexa was so excited about her unit on Egypt. She came home many days during this unit with fun new information she was learning about Egypt and the Egyptian culture. 

The culmination of her unit was Egyptian Day.  There was a buzz in the air and a lot of excitement for the big day for the 3rd graders.  

Alexa was excited to get her Egyptian outfit on for the big day! 

She borrowed these cute shoes from her friend who dressed up as an Egyptian for Halloween! 

There was a group of kids that were responsible for answering questions about different aspects of Egypt.  She was in the "Nile River Group!"

The boys in her group were too funny!

Each of the 3rd graders made their own PowerPoint presentation about Egypt.  Alexa couldn't wait to share her masterpiece with us.  Her dad, the computer buff, was pretty impressed with what Alexa had put together. 

Alexa had fun making different things as they learned about the culture! 

Alexa and her best friend Olivia! 

It was a fun day of sharing for the 3rd graders and learning for the parents and other students in the school! 


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