Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Trip Through The Owl

I went with Alexa's class to the local Corn Maze on her field trip.  The moms gathered outside the classroom waiting to depart.  As we waited we began talking about who had been to a maze before, who was directionally challenged and who was nervous about getting lost with their group.


Some moms had gotten online and studied the maze ahead of time.  Every year they change the Corn Maze and this year it was an owl. Can you believe that I grew up in Iowa and I don't remember ever going through a corn maze.  My husband will be the first to raise his hand and say his wife is directionally challenged.  So yes I did wonder how well I would help the kids navigate through the owl corn maze.

going in-blog

The kids were super excited to head into the maze.


We had to find 8 different spots through the Maze to find the answers on their sheets.  We had one boy who was great with directions.  I actually figured out how to navigate the map and sometimes I think it was just good luck that we found some of the stop points.

treasure box-blog

The kids were bound and determine to find the treasure chest.  If they did they got a free treat from the consession stand at the end.  One of the groups from Alexa's class found the treasure chest and gave us a little clue.  The kids searched and searched and squeeled with delight when they found the treasure chest.


The kids had a blast at the corn maze!

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Caterpillar Hunt

One of my favorite 1st grade field trips is the Caterpillar Hunt at a lake in the area.

shane and friends at park-blog

Shane's Class-blog

It was a picture perfect day to be outside enjoying and exploring God's creation.  We started the day by letting the kids play in the park after our 45 minute drive! We ate lunch and snapped a quick class picture before it was time to begin our hunt.
  shane and girls with plant-blog

Shane's class has been studying the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly. Every day Shane would come home super excited about what he had learned. The girls were right there with him and kept telling him how fun the field trip was since they also went on this field trip.

The kids diligently sought out milk weed because that is where Monarch caterpillars are found because that is what they eat.

The kids knew to flip the leaves over and look to see if they were hiding underneath.
  shane in field-blog

The kids looked and looked but the dry grass and milkweeds didn't help the kids chances of finding some this year. There were a couple of groups that found one and so all the kids were excited for their friends that found one. They shared them so each class was able to get at least one in their room to watch.
  boys in sand-blog

Next it was time to head to the beach for some fun in the sand and water.

The kids were aloud to go in to their knees. There were a few wet shorts in the group but it really was a great day and the kids were amazing.
  kids and water-blog

I love that all 4 sections of 1st graders go on this trip together. It is always fun to connect with the other parents and teachers of the first graders. We feel so blessed to be part of an amazing community of kids and parents. I loved my day with Shane and his classmates.  I can't believe he is in 1st grade already! 
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