Friday, March 30, 2012

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Emma had a 2nd grade Science Fair that she had to come up with an experiment about Matter or Motion.     Her dad was out of town but she was determined to wait until he was home and could help her come up with the perfect experiment.  I reminded her she wouldn't have a ton of time to pull it all together if she waited but she didn't mind one bit.  

Her daddy and her looked on the Internet and it was worth the wait! They came up with the perfect science experiment.  It fit Emma's personality to a T! 

Emma decided to try to make Fizzy Bath Bombs and then figure out why they fizzed when put in water. She thought it was perfect ... it was girly, she could pick the scent of the bath bomb, she loves baths and thought the fizzing part was cool!

 She gathered all the ingredients.

Mixed them together! 

Stirred them up! 

Put some in molds ....

and made the rest into balls.  She let them set for a day and then gave them a try.

Look at those Bath Bombs fizz!!! Emma was so excited when they worked and couldn't wait for the Science Fair.

Emma put her board together and was ready for the big day! 

It was fun seeing Emma in her element sharing about her Fizzy Bath Bombs as others asked questions. 

Nice work Emma! We are proud of you! 
PS When did you grow up so fast?


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