Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trimming The Tree

These pictures are from a couple weeks ago.  I thought I'd better get some posted before I am actually posting Christmas pictures.  The kids were so excited the night we told them that we were going to get the Christmas decorations out.  It is so much fun to see Christmas through the eyes of a child.  I can't wait for more precious memories in the days to come.

The kids were checking the lights to make sure they were all working! 

Alexa and her daddy hanging the first ornament! 

Emma concentrating on getting it in just the right spot! 

I love this picture of everyone busy doing something.  They had so much fun working together to get the ornaments hung.

Alexa and Emma have their own little tree in their room that they decorate each year! 

The finished product!

The kids also each have a nativity in their room.  This is the girl's nativity.  They have everything lined up just so! They know when Shane has been in their room because he doesn't usually have it lined up to meet their standards.

Shane busy decorating his little tree.  He wanted to do it all my himself.  He ended up with most of the ornaments in one spot.  Alexa, my first born, everything should be in the right spot had a hard time with Shane's decorating technique.  She wanted to help him fix the tree.  We insisted that it was Shane's tree and he could decorate it how he wanted.  Shane was very proud of his tree.

Shane's nativity. He usually picks a piece or two to sleep with well actually play with before he falls asleep! 

The last tree the kids decorated was a little tree downstairs.  We hang all of the kids ornaments that they get every year and the ones they make on this tree.  It is filling up quickly now that the kids make a couple ornaments a year.  They were just giddy pulling out all their ornaments from past years.  We kept hearing, "Oh I remember this one, this is so cute, oh this is my favorite!" I really miss having a real tree but we don't have tons of extra room. Maybe next year we'll try to squeeze a real tree downstairs to put all the kid's fun ornaments on!  


Nantucket Karen said...

I actually got a little "choked up" looking at these BEAUTIFUL, TOUCHING photos of Emma, Alexa and Shane decorating their little trees, the sweet excitement in their eyes, etc.... It so reminded me of me, my sister Julie and my brother Bill when we were all their ages and the sheer joy and excitement we had when my Mom would get out those decorations!
Did I see a little "pink" Pottery Barn Kids Kitchen set in the background? How I wish I had had a little girl, just to buy EVERYTHING" for her in pink!(and at PBK!) Keep posting these little cherubs, I really enjoy them!! Your such a GOOD MOM; these will be such cherished memories for them :)

Anonymous said...

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