Friday, December 5, 2008

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today was one of those days that by 9:00 am I wished I could go back to bed and start it all over again!  I have to preface with sharing the expectations I had for the day.  I was planning to head to MOPS for a wonderful, relaxing Christmas meeting.  It is always wonderful to have adult conversation with other moms over a warm breakfast.  We had a wonderful speaker planned, we were going to discuss traditions which is always fun to hear new ideas.  We also were going to do the Steering Team's Favorite Things (like Oprah's Favorite Things).  It is always fun to see what people's favorite product is and then we give our favorite product away.  My favorite product that I was going to share this year was Crayola Washable Window Markers.  The kids love them and they are something fun to break out when you've had a long winter day and need something fun to pull out.  OK back  to the day.  Then we were going to meet Eric at the mall for lunch.  I had my afternoon planned with getting the house cleaned and wash done during nap time.  We would finish the day by going to Alexa's first School Christmas program with my parents who were coming.  

My day took a turn for the worse at 6:00 am.  I was in the shower only to hear the voice of my sweet 3 year old.  "Mommy, my tummy hurts.  I think I am going to spit!"  That is code for I think I am going to throw up.  I peeked out of the shower and saw a very pale little boy who walked to the toilet and proceeded to dry heave.  The poor little guy!  I got him settled on the couch with blankets all over my newly cleaned carpets and a bucket in his lap.  I quickly got some clothes on and started feeling sad knowing the day I was excited about now would be a day at home potentially cleaning up vomit.  I got my girls up and got Alexa ready for school.  We hopped in the van at 8:10 with a bucket in tow.  We were a block away from Alexa's school and I heard some whimpering from the back and a "Mommy, I think I might spit!" I quickly unhooked my seat belt and reached behind me to get Shane his bucket and coach him a little.  As I turned back around I saw the stop light was red.  I slammed on my brakes and found myself in the middle of the intersection.  I looked to my right and realized I was looking straight at the face of a police officer.  I looked and saw no one coming and proceeded through the light since I was in the middle of the intersection.  I pulled over knowing my day was only getting worse.  The cop asked me to come sit in his car so I left my sick little boy in the car and sat in the passenger seat of the cop car with tears rolling down my cheeks.  I explained what had happened and he proceeded to inform me he was giving me a ticket for the red light and the seat belt.  I responded with a "I had my seat belt on but had just taken it off to give my son a bucket!" Come on man give me a break on the seat belt.  He wasn't too compassionate but did inform me that if I wanted to pay the fine in instalments I could go down to the courthouse and do that since it is the holidays.  Thanks sir, that is really generous.  The rest of the morning was fairly uneventful, no vomiting or police encounters.  We headed to pick up Alexa at 11:15 with bucket in tow on the way home Shane proceeded to throw up 4 times missing the bucket each time.  Lesson learned previously that morning - keep driving and don't turn around to help you child who is throwing up.  So needless to say by the time I pulled over we had vomit all over Shane and the car.  What next! 

The day did improve with some calls of encouragements from some of my friends.  My husband brought me some coffee from Starbucks and a sweet friend brought me a little care package of all kids of little things to brighten my day and another coffee from Starbucks.  We were not able to get to Alexa's program as a family but Eric sent me out the door with my parents to enjoy my evening watching Alexa sing her little heart out.  

I know that in the days to come this is a day I will laugh at but today it was a day that made me cry. It was one of those days I had to let the expectations of the day go and spend time sitting on the couch and loving on my sweet little boy. I also am thankful that no one was coming when I was in the middle of the intersection.    I am thankful the day has come to an end and I am praying that tomorrow is a little brighter.  


The Kaylor Kastle said...

;o( Reminds me of the story I just heard from Boston where the couple who was in labor got stopped and ticketed because they were using the breakdown lane due to heavy traffic to get to the hospital! Where's the love? Thank goodness for video cameras and Alexa looked darling!

Steffie B. said...

oh poor soul....I'll try and send an email later to help with the blog change. ;) Hope your weekend is looking a little better and I will pray that none of your other sweet blessings get ill as well. Or you and the hub for that matter.

My Saturday morning has already consisted of quiet time for Daniel. He is currently up in his room with a gate on the door.....he just wanted to bother Sophia this morning....he must have got up on the wrong side of the crib....sigh....oh....and what a nasty police officer....JERK! Perhaps he doesn't have children?


Nantucket Karen said...

Dear Sweet Julie,
I'm sending you a very BIG HUG!!!!! What a horrific day!! WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS.......God Bless both you and that beautiful cherubic son of yours; Your Guardian Angel was with you both at that intersection and for that, I'm sure you feel BLESSED!! I know when my 2 little boys are sick, I think I feel worse than they do/maybe it's "sympathy pains", but as a Mom, it makes me feel so helpless that I can't IMMEDIATELY make them feel better. Having you as his Mommy is a WONDERFUL MEDICINE he certainly couldn't get from any doctor!! He's a very lucky little boy!
Thank you so much for your sweet messages today; I went to my baby nephew Sean's baptism today and found out that my Mom has Skin Cancer/Melanoma and will be operated on 1/13/09. My sister Julie and I tried to put on a "brave face" all day, but as soon as I left the reception, I cried all the way home........
To come home and read your kind words, really put a smile on my face :) Thank you! You hang in there friend!!!

Carey said...

Ugh ugh ugh!!! It's bad enough to have sick kiddos, but an ornery police officer and vomit in the car!?!

Ok, you can chalk that one up as a bad day. How awesome of your hubby and friends to try to make it a little brighter. But I'd cry too!

Kathy said...

Oh my! What a terrible day!! I'm so very sorry and also surprised at what an insensitive police officer! He clearly must not have children! :)

Rest assured you are not alone in days like this and thank you for sharing this story as I could so relate to your feelings. I've certainly been there.

Hopefully the rest of you will stay healthy. 4 out of 5 of us are on antibiotics here!

Take care and hope the weekend gets better,

mommy24treasures said...

I am so sorry sweet friend, it just makes me cry to think of how hopeless you mustr have felt in his car. Bless your dear heart.
I pray for better days for you.yuk.

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