Thursday, November 13, 2008

Emma's Quote Of The Week

Emma's quote of the week ...." Mom, I just feel like the whole world is falling apart!"  

To clarify .... the grocery store we shop at is under construction and is a complete mess.  It has been that way the last couple months.  Emma can't wait for everything to be back in working order.  Today we were running errands around town and there was quite a bit of road construction.  So a grocery store under construction and road construction equates to the whole world falling apart in Emma's eyes.  


Nantucket Karen said...

"FROM THE MOUTH'S OF BABES!!!" Bless her little heart; I always wanted a little girl like your
Nantucket Karen

The Kaylor Kastle said...

So sad that she isn't too far from the truth! She reminds me so much of our Paigey...SO photogenic and so smiley. ;o)

Nikki said...

O My goodness! that is too funny!

Lori said...

Oh wise she is. :)

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