Monday, September 5, 2011

The End Of A Big Chapter .... The Start Of Another

This weekend one chapter of our life ends and another begins.  We are saying goodbye to life as we know it at 7008 S Hughes Ave. 

After adding Max we starting to bust out of the 4 walls of our house.  We have a great opportunity to rent our friends house for the next 18 months which will almost double our space.  All of us were very excited about the new house, all the room and the location.  The neighborhood is beautiful we will be living on a very quiet cul de sac.  Our drive to school is exactly 3 minutes. In all the excitement I wasn't prepared for all the emotions that surfaced on the weekend we said goodbye to this chapter of our life.

 We have lived a lot of life in this house.  A little over 8 years ago we moved into this house.  It is the house that held Eric's office at the beginning stages of DocuTAP when it was just him and he was treading new water as a business owner.  We brought three babies home in this house.  I will have memories of hours I held my sweet babies in this house and watched them blossom and grow.  We walked through some of the busiest times with 3 little ones who were all within 36 months. There were also hours spent at the kitchen table as we worked on paperwork and signed paper after paper to bring our sweet Max home.  I will never forget sitting on our couch and seeing his face for the first time.  There were also no words to adequately explain what it felt like to travel across the world and finally walk through our front door with him. We walked through ups and downs in marriage, in business, with friends and family.  We walked through births and deaths and all the emotions that come on every side of them.  There is a lot that happened with in these 4 walls .... you know, all the things that happen on the journey called life!  

So as we continue on this journey called life we are excited to see what this new chapter of life brings within our new four walls.  There will be more life lived.  There will new joys and sorrows.  There will be new memories made. 

The beauty in this transition is knowing that even though we left a house that we have lived a lot of life in ... we will forever have all the memories that we created as a family.  It makes me want to be more purposeful in the things we do and say within our 4 walls that will go with us no matter where we are. I can't wait to see what this new chapter holds.   


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