Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Letting Them Fly

Summer to fall is not a transition I look forward to! There is something so wonderful about not having a schedule or agenda and soaking up our summer days together.  I love having all four of my kids together.  They are still at a age where they are not begging to be in activities, at camps or with friends.  They love being outside, playing with each other, going for walks or bike rides, swimming, parks, picnics and backyard fun!  This summer we did just that.  We didn't do any outside extra activities but instead just enjoyed our time together.  But it was inevitable the date on the calendar would come.  The kids do love school and were excited to see friends, meet their teachers, play and learn.  Even though it is hard for this mommy to see them growing up so fast I do love seeing them grow in so many ways through out the year.  I know God has blessed me with these little ones for such a time as this.  In a Bible Study I am doing the leader said, "God doesn't call us to possess our children but instead to steward them!" Wow, yes they are not my possessions but instead God has given me a pretty amazing responsibility to steward them and to point them to Him.  Little by little we love, train, teach, model and pray like crazy as we let them fly!

I can't believe Alexa is going to be in 3rd grade this year.  I remember thinking when I taught 3rd grade that they all came in so little and innocent and leave 3rd grade at a totally different spot. They move out of that little kid I love school to more the big kid attitude.  I am not sure I am ready for all of that.  I can't believe we are so close to a new "maturity" level! Alexa is ready and excited to be a 3rd grader and I am excited to see how she will grow and be stretched this year!

I can't believe my Emma is already a 2nd grader.  I still go back and look at pictures of my girls when they were 3 and 5 and heading to preschool.  Emma gets a preview into 2nd grade because of all the fun things her  sister did so she can't wait! 

I can't believe my baby is off to Kindergarten this year.  It is going to feel very strange dropping 3 off this year.  The kids told me it was a good thing I have Max yet!  Shane is more than excited for Kindergarten.  He is so excited to be at the big school with his sister, recess and hot lunch.  I am praying he will think all the learning is fun too.  Shane will go full days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Christmas and then after Christmas will go five days.  I am so glad that Max and I will have him home yet for two days!  We are going to be soaking up our time.

I've started the tradition of giving them something to put on their backpack at the beginning of the year to remind them of something.  The girls got little frogs this year to remember to Full Rely On God!

Shane was very excited to get his first backpack accessory.  He got a little light to remind him to always be a light for Christ in everything he does! 

Their back packs are ready and so are they! 

It is tradition at our house that daddy drives them to school on their first day.  I of course can't be left out and meet them there with my camera.  It is also tradition that they go out for breakfast so this year that meant that 3 kids were up, ready, pictures taken and out the door by 7! The kids love their first day of school traditions with their daddy! As I took the picture Eric said, "Wow, this year I don't even have to bend over for the picture" : (  I think that means they are getting growing up!  

Max was quite sad when everyone walked out of the door with daddy without him.  I think it is going to be a sad day for this little boy today! He isn't going to know what hit him since his 3 siblings that dote on him are going to be gone today! 

Shane is very excited to have Mrs. Wynja this year.  She was Emma's Kindergarten teacher so he thinks that is fun! She is a great teacher and I know she will be a great match for Shane.  She is loving and yet she is firm.  He does best when he knows where his boundaries lie.  I will say I never really worried about my girls and their behavior when they went to school but Shane .... he may give me a run for my money! This sitting still and not talking to your neighbor thing just may do him in! He is my most active and social child ... not the best combo for seat work at school.  

Look at all those blue eyes!!!! Emma is super excited about her year.  She had Mrs. Odens (on the left) last year but just weeks into school she went on bed rest and remained on bed rest her whole pregnancy.
Emma had been pretty bummed because she couldn't wait to have her since her sister had her in 1st grade.  She was over the moon excited that she got her again.  Her teachers team teach so she thought it was fun she gets two teachers.  She also knew who Mrs. VanZee (on the right) was and thought she had the best teachers ever! She is very excited about her year.

Oh man, this picture breaks this mom's heart.  I got a text from Eric when they were at breakfast that Alexa was in tears and nervous about school.  Alexa is my perfectionist and carries a ton of anxiety at the beginning of a new school year.  I am glad she communicates how she is feeling and we talk and pray about it but it doesn't make it easy to watch.  It is hard to know how to help her and I know some of it is who she is.  It is one of those situations where her strengths are her greatest weakness.  Alexa usually takes a month or so to settle in but she has never been this anxious on the first day of school.  It was hard to kiss her goodbye and walk away! I know she will be fine. I know she is in good hands.  I know this is all part of letting her fly ... it just doesn't make it easy! 

Alexa was super excited about her teacher. She was actually my brother's jr high teacher ... I know crazy ... she looks like she is 30.  I have heard amazing things about Mrs. Neimeyer and feel like she will be a perfect match for Alexa! I am praying she settles in soon. 

My baby is  off for his big first day of kindergarten!

As I said good bye and wiped some tears.  My good friend said, "Give me your camera I need to take a picture of all that is left :( I know I will be fine and we will settle in.  We will get into a routine and I know I will cherish my time with Max and we will love having our time with Shane on his days off.  We will embrace this new year and all it has to offer.  I can't wait to see how my kids fly just a little higher and further this year.


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