Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Special Visitor

We had a special visitor come to town! Since Max and Sam came home from China we have been waiting for our friend Andra to come for a visit.  

We couldn't wait for her to meet our Asian cuties and be able to spend sometime together. 

It was so much fun to spend the weekend together and to just hang out.  Andra of course loved on our kidos and brought them a special gift.  

She brought Max and Sam a Leigh's Blankie.  Andra started the Leigh's Blankie ministry in honor of our friend Leigh Ann that passed away.  Max loves his blankie and always holds it up to me every night to be covered with it.

We spent a lot of time hanging out with the Heinz family when Andra was here.  The girls love Annie and were excited to participate in Just Dance on the Wii when she was here.  Andra loves playing Just Dance so the girls had a blast doing it with her.  Everyone got in on the action ... even I got roped into a dance!

Max and Sam decided to play a little basketball while everyone else was preoccupied with the dance competition.

Believe me Andra has heard a ton about our little boy and seen a ton of pictures but we were so excited for her to meet our little bundle of energy in person.  His personality lights up the room and I couldn't wait for her to meet him.

Annie and the girls! 

Annie and the boys! 

We had a great weekend just doing life.  We didn't have anything crazy planned but instead just enjoyed a lot of time hanging with the kids.  We attempted to take Andra to WWW but got rained out.  We got together in the evenings as families ate yummy food and did a dance off.   The moms got an evening out without the kids and we ended it with a movie.  We got to show Andra the trails on a Saturday morning run.  We had such a great weekend and I am so thankful that we could have time with our dear friend Andra and that she could meet our new sweet additions.  I am so thankful for her friendship!


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