Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Lake Lovin'

There is so much to love about the lake! 

Max dug right in and embraced everything the lake had to offer this summer.

As I said .... he literally dug right in.  He quickly became a fan of the sand .... he just couldn't get it figured out that it was something that shouldn't be eaten.

It is always fun no matter how old you get to play kitchen with the sand and water.

There were always cakes in the oven and soups simmering on the rocks.   

There were often breaks from playing in the sand to do things like  rowing around on the wake board.

Or having fun just tossing a ball around or trying to float on it! 

Swinging was one of Max's favorite things to do.  He had some siblings that were eager to give him a push and if papa was around he always found himself in his favorite swing being spun in circles.

And this exchange between these two doesn't even need words. 

The big kids found their way out to the raft weather the sun was out or not! 

Frog hunting is another fun adventure at the lake.

Max seemed to find his way into the water from the sand every time.

It was always fun driving the boat with daddy!

Or just enjoying the view!

The kids never seemed to get sick of the water! 

And sand and water equals hours of fun! 

Seeing these two brothers together this summer was so much fun! 

The one thing that will never grow old and will always be welcomed every evening are the beautiful sunsets. 

We feel so blessed to have an amazing place to have fun, enjoy family, soak in God's creation and build memories.  We are BLESSED! 


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