Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Favorite Summer Hangout

Wild Water West is one of our favorite hang out spot in the summer.  Not only do the kids love all the water fun but many of our friends have season passes so we spend many of our hot days together having fun.  I do have to say this year looked a little different on my end.  Last year the kids were all great swimmers so they could swim by themselves.  Alexa and Emma could go down the big slides themselves and we all enjoyed the wave pool and lazy river together.  There was plenty of time to chill with friends and catch up on life.  

Well this year this little man kept me on my toes.  There was very little sitting this summer ... I spent most of the summer running after this little cutie.  I know this stage will pass and as busy as it was I love this age and everything Max is seeing through his little eyes and experiencing for the first time.  It helps that his little personality is so out there that there is no guessing how much fun he is having in life.

Max LOVED the water and there was NO fear.  He came at it full force and usually with his mouth wide open!

The kids spent a ton of time at the Pirate Ship.  It didn't take long and Max was going down the big slides with his brother and sisters.  Forget the baby slides ... the bigger the better.

There was plenty of fun to be had especially when their friends were around.

Emma loved spending time on the pirate ship too! 

Max seemed to think all the slides were fun!

The kids loved it when their cousins came to spend a day with them.  It is always fun to get treats on special days. 

Shane is what we call at our house "the snack king." He loves snacks and seems to be an empty pit where snacks are concerned.  There are plenty of treats offered at Wild Water West but to the kids disappointment they only get treats once in a while.  You can't take food into the park so we pack our lunch and head out to the parking lot.  I wish I would have taken a picture of our set up.  My friends and I got a system down of parking close to each other and having a rather large picnic in the parking lot with all of our kids.  I am sure our parking lot picnics will be memories the kids will remember in years to come.

The kids loved just swimming around in the pool and climbing on the animals.

The girls love being big enough to go down the slides by themselves. 

What a finish Emma! 

Everyone loved it when daddy came along because that meant we all got to go on the big slide. This was Max's first time down the big slide.  I wasn't sure what he thought of it but in a matter of minutes he was screaming with excitement! 

When daddy comes it also usually means that we get treats! 

We had such a great summer and logged many hours at one of our favorite hangout spots! 


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