Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wishing This Weather Would Stay A Little Longer

I can't remember a fall that we have lived outside as much as we have this fall.  The kids grab a snack and then spend their time after school outside until supper and then try to squeeze a little more time in before bath time.

Our old driveway had a huge incline that balls and chalk would roll down right to the road.  It made me nervous to be out there with the kids especially with Max this spring and summer.  All that to say this was Max's first adventure with sidewalk chalk.

Two hands work better than one! 

As you can see he thought it was pretty fun!

The big kids divided up the drive way and went to work on their own masterpiece!

I love Shane with his helmet on.  Well at least you know we encourage safety here even when we are doing sidewalk chalk!

We tried to do homework outside so we could enjoy the weather.  The kids often would practice their spelling words in the driveway! 

We live on a very quiet cul de sac so the kids have a ton of room to ride their bikes!  Max loves to be pulled around.  His siblings often fight over who gets to pull him.  It was Alexa's turn but not without a cost ..... it is a bit of work when you are too big for the trike.

Emma just enjoying the day!

Shane is getting too big for his bike so check out his sweet ride.  Yes, he hopped on the purple princess bike and spends most of his time on it.  He just doesn't want me to take a picture of him on it! 

Max loves bike helmets and buckles which equals a dangerous combination.  He would get so focused on trying to get his straps buckled.

And just plane mad when it didn't work!

But when he got it it was time to celebrate! As you can see there was no holding back from celebrating from this little boy!

We hope we get some more days just to enjoy everything outside has to offer.  I know as the kids get old and are busy with after school activities  I will look back and cherish the time we had after school on the driveway! 


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