Saturday, October 1, 2011

S'more Fun

One of the things we love about our new house is the fire pit that we get to enjoy.  I am sure we will build many memories with s'mores by the fire with the kids and Eric and I will enjoy nice, quiet fall evenings chatting by the fire after the kids go down.

The kids were very excited to have Max experience s'mores for the first time.  I love being able to experience all of these firsts with Max but what is even more special is watching it all through the eyes of our other kids.  They can't wait to see his reaction to certain things.

Eric is our go to "roasting" man! 

He seems to roast them to perfection every time.

Max found his way to the marshmallows while he was waiting! That is a big bite buddy!

Wouldn't you know it he stuffed the whole thing in and tried to say "mmmmmmmmmmm" with a mouth full.  The kids got a good giggle out of their little brother.

Shane got the first bite! Man isn't he just a picture of a good, carefree fall Saturday evening! A s'more in hand, a twinkle in his eye and hair sticking up all over! 

I love that look on his face! 

Alexa was doing a little rock balancing while enjoying her s'more.

Not only do we get to enjoy a fun family evening by the fire but we get a beautiful backdrop to go with it! I could get used to nights like tonight! 

Emma shared her s'more with Max and she couldn't get it to his mouth fast enough.  I am not sure she got too many bites. 

It didn't take long and Max decided he would rather be in control of the s'more.

He very generously shares with his sister. I love the marshmallow that found it's way all over his shirt.  Emma was trying not to laugh as he kept trying to feed and kiss her.  He was pretty happy with the new yummy treat she introduced him too!

When all was said and done he was one very sticky .....

but happy little boy! 

I am pretty sure we all agreed that it was a fun family night! We look forward to more fall evenings around the fire pit! 


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