Thursday, October 20, 2011

Falling Leaves

Our new house offers plenty of fall fun! As you can see we have a few leaves.

Once again it was fun to see another first for Max.  The loved the feel of leaves and all the crunching that went along with it. 

Max loved throwing leaves up and letting them fall on his face.

I love watching Alexa play with Max in the leaves.  I am thankful that as she gets old she still finds the excitement and wonder in things like falling leaves.  

My blue-eyed girl enjoying this beautiful fall day.

Alexa was trying to show Max how to throw leaves up and let them fall on his head. 

Max was trying to throw leaves up but instead decided just to put leaves on his head.  

I love this picture of Emma, bike helmet and all. She was trying to push all the leaves from the cul de sac into a pile.

The other 3 were enjoying the bed of leaves that Emma had created.

I love that sweet little hand! 

It is raining leaves!

Fun in the leaves is never complete without a good old fashion leave fight! 

Fall, with all your beauty, please linger for just a little longer this year.  We are enjoying you and all you have to offer!


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