Thursday, October 6, 2011


Eric and I were heading out of town for the weekend and the kids were staying with Papa and Grammy. We made a quick stop at Pumpkinland on our way to their house.  Our fall isn't complete without our annual trip to Pumpkinland.  The kids were excited to have Max get a little taste of the fun they look forward to every year.

I am pretty sure my days of everyone looking at the camera with a normal look on their face just might be over.  With each addition it gets a little harder.  That is just fine we may catch one of those pictures here or there but it just says this is our life.  It is busy and full but we are loving every minute of it! As you can see the wind was not in our favor either.  

I love my boys .... they keep me on my toes. 

Catching Max's first encounter with a pumpkin.

Once again the boys shout out .... seriously again mom, I need to sit still ... in this picture.  It is one of our traditional pictures we take every year at Pumpkinland so yes I took it crazy faces and all.  I love Shane's eyes in this picture. 

The kids each did their measurement.  It seems like just yesterday the girls were as big as Max standing to find out "How Tall Are You This Fall?"

The boys were next.  It was so fun to see Max next to his brother this year.  

We then made our way out to Animal Land.

This is Alexa's favorite part of Pumpkinland.  She is such an animal lover. 

Shane had fun hanging out with the kitties too.

Shane loved showing his brother the ropes at the corn maze.  Usually the kids have a ton of time to play and run in the kids maze but we didn't have a ton of time this year since I had a plane to catch. 

This is Shane's favorite part of our visit.  What boy wouldn't love to run through the corn stalks. 

Next we headed out to the pumpkin patch.  

The girls had fun showing Max all the pumpkins.

Max was pretty proud of the pumpkin he found!

No time to stick around in Max's world ... he is off.

What a fun little stop at Pumpkinland! 

We can't wait for next year! 


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