Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A School Update

 We have been in school about a month and a half now and everyone is starting to settle into the routine of school. 

I am so thankful for the way that Alexa has settled in so quickly this year.  Her first two days she had a few tears and a nervous stomach so she took her breakfast to school.  But every since she has been excited about school and loved every minute of it. This is the fastest she has settled into.  I feel like her teacher is a total gift from God.  She is gentle and nurturing and yet runs a very calm and structured classroom.  She is a great teacher and Alexa feels like when she teaches she makes it easy for her to understand.  I am thankful for Alexa's determination and drive and also thankful for the way she continues to grow in figuring out how this strength can also be her weakness and finding ways to let go and rely on God. 

Emma has settled in to school in true Emma fashion.  She is loving her teachers and everything about 2nd grade. She is having so much fun with her friends and loving life as a 2nd grader.  Our only struggles come with her clothes :)! She is our fashion queen and has a definite opinion about what she wants to wear.  If we have our clothes picked out the night before everything is smooth sailing as far as Emma is concerned.  I am so thankful for her fun loving personality and the way she just loves and embraces life and everything that comes her way.

Mr Shane had his mom a little worried about how this year was going to go for him.  He is by far my most social and active child.  He talks more than both of his sisters and really just loves to have fun.  He really doesn't have a ton of interest in anything academic and so I was a little worried about how life as a Kindergartner would unfold.  After the first day he ran up to me with a huge smile on his face and said, "I only went to time out once today mom!" He was quite proud of his accomplishment.  He quickly learned that we didn't feel that was acceptable and one time in time out was one time too many.  I know he was trying hard to be good, he was actually exhausted and would often go to bed between 6:30 and 7 and on his two days off would take a couple hour nap.  I know he was expending a lot of energy on trying to control his busy social little self.  I also know his teacher runs a tight ship which is really what he needs.  He needs to know where his boundaries are or he will keep trying to extend them :)! Well the first two weeks were let's just call it the adjustment period.  He had timeouts most days those first 2 weeks but then things just flipped and he hasn't had a time out since.  He runs full blast to me everyday when I pick him up and is very proud to tell me "no time outs!"  He is starting to show more and more interest in the academic side of school and he loves being at school with sisters and of course eating in the lunchroom and recess are the highlights of school for him.

Max was very sad the first couple weeks.  He would cry when the kids would get out of the van in the morning and leave him behind.  He would wander around the house and call all the kids names looking for them.  After about 2 weeks he realized this was the new norm.  He loves the days that Shane stays in the car with him so this will be another adjustment after Christmas when Shane goes every day.  I do think he is loving his time with his mommy and it is nice to have this time to invest and continue to bond with him.  He is definitely a 2 year old in every sense of the word so is keeping his mom busy.  He loves it when friends come to play. I love it that Max squeals with delight and starts calling the kids names as we pull into school! 


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