Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

The kids were very exciting to do their pumpkin carving.  We decided to do it simple and not get too crazy this year.  There are so many cool patterns and ideas but we told the kids to just draw what they wanted and they were more than excited about creating their very own pumpkin.

They all got right to work!

As you can see there was no way that Max was going to miss out. 

Aunt Molly was visiting so she got to join in on the fun.  Emma was quick to ask her to help her with hers.  I love her giving heart!

Shane got right to work and knew exactly what he wanted to draw!

Eric got to work ... he had a few pumpkins to carve.

It was time to dig in and clean out the pumpkins.

The girls didn't mind one bit digging in and getting dirty.

Shane on the other hand was totally grossed out!

I love all of his expressions.

Max became very possessive of his pumpkin and didn't want anyone to touch it. He wanted to do it himself.  He would push Eric away when he got too close.

He wasn't a fan of getting his hands dirty .... 

using a spoon was more his style.

Love this picture of the our crew! The table is full .... so thankful this season for our 4th little blessing!  

Alexa was very excited about her heart eyes!

Shane decided to go with the geometric shapes!

Max squealed with delight when he saw his face on his pumpkin.  Have you noticed we hear a lot of squealing at our house.

Alexa with her masterpiece.

Shane was very proud of his!

Molly and Emma decided to carve a cross instead!

Max saw the kids grab their pumpkins and bring them to the front door.  There was no way he was going to miss out and and no way anyone was going to carry his pumpkin for him.

His look says it all.  He was very excited about his little pumpkin and took a seat and settled in right beside it with his little legs wiggling with excitement and a big grin.  He kept touching and when we said we needed to go in he kept saying "no!" He wasn't about to leave his pumpkin behind.  We coaxed him inside by having him tell his pumpkin night, night! 

This is just the start of seeing life through the eyes of Max this holiday season! I can't wait to experience it all through his little eyes this year.  This time last year we were so close to bringing him home.  There were so many thoughts and wonder about what life would look like this year and here we are experiencing it! I can't wait to experience this season through the eyes of our little Max this year.


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