Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Attempt At Cake Pops

The kids thought it would be fun to attempt to make some cake pops.  It sounded fairly straight forward and easy as I scanned the recipe.  

All three of the kids love to cook and bake.  Every Sunday they each beg to help daddy make our lunch or typically brunch.  All three of them are actually better at cracking eggs than their mom.  I typically find myself fishing a little piece of a shell out.  You would think I would figure it out by now.  I guess I need to go to daddy's "Cracking Eggs" school too.  The kids picked out a Funfetti Cake mix and we mixed it up and put it in the oven to bake.  

The took the cake piece by piece and smashed it into crumb size pieces.  We then added 3/4 of a can of store bought frosting and mixed it all together.  That is where the fun began.

The kids dug in and rolled the cake into balls therefor forming cake balls.

The cake balls were placed on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and then put in the freezer for about an hour.  

We put chocolate and white candy melts into glass bowls above bowling pots of water to create our own hot pots.  Soon they were melted so we added orange food coloring to make our pumpkins ... that was our thought anyway.

The kids pushed their stick in the frozen cake ball .....

and rolled it around in the bowl.

It was a little steamy as you can see.

The sprinkles were ready and waiting.

The kids did such a great job working together, taking turns and helping each others as some held while others got to decorate.

They took their decorating serious. 

Shane was concentrating pretty hard here. 

Adding the finishing touches.

The kids were very proud of their finished cake pops.  I have to say they did everything from start to finish with very little help from me.  They thought their finished product was pretty yummy! I would add we are not going into the cake pop making business anytime soon.  It was quite the process from start to finish.  I am not sure how all those people have those perfect looking cake pops that they make into all kinds of things.  I guess we have some practicing to do. 


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