Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Potato Project

Alexa is Miss Creative.  When there is a project for school she is more than excited especially if she gets to put her creative juices to work.  One of the big 3rd grade projects at her school is the Potato Project.  There were no real guidelines except her creation had to be made out of a potato.  They could carve, paint, cover, attach ..... potatoes to make anything they wanted. 

Alexa knew exactly what she wanted to create.  We went to the grocery story to pick out all the different size potatoes that she thought she needed for her creation.  I have to admit that as she picked out potatoes and she was explaining her ideas I wasn't following how this would end up as a horse. This was her project so I let her have it.  I should have known better that she would have it all thought through and figured out in her own way. 

I wish I would have taken pictures through her process. She first cut and carved her potatoes for each part of the horse.  Look at those legs sliced out of potatoes.  

The head, neck and body were made out of 3 different potatoes.  After everything was formed the way she wanted it she painted all the potatoes. 

When it was dry she used tooth picks to hold all the pieces together and added the details of the hooves, face and yarn for the tail and mane.  She cut some fabric to resemble the blanket and saddle.  

She was very proud of her finished project, her potato horse.  


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