Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween

I have to admit Halloween isn't one of my favorite holidays and we don't make a huge deal out of it.  I love all the cute little costumes and love that the kids have fun trick or treating in the neighborhood but all the ghosts, skeletons, witches and scary stuff I can certainly can do without.  It was fun to see the kids excitement this year. It wasn't about all the candy and trick or treating but it was about getting their costumes together.  It was fun to see their costumes come together as they rummaged through the dress up box.  There were a couple things that fit Max but they decided the lion suited him best.  Alexa decided to be a 50's girl and wear their poodle skirt.  She was really excited when we found her saddle shoes for $3 at the used clothing store.  Emma debated on wearing a Chinese dress, being a bride or being a baker.  She decided to be original this year and use her apron and hat and be a baker.  We don't have a ton of boy dress us stuff so Shane and I made a stop at our local Savers and rummaged through the costumes. He found this really cute clown outfit for $6 right away! The minute he saw it it was a done deal he was going to be a clown.  I had a wig and funny shoes from when I had dressed up years ago for a costume party. He was thrilled with his costume. 

The girls had dance on Halloween at 5 so the boys and I hung in the van and painted faces.  We will chalk that one up for an experience!  We packed lunches to eat on the way home and the girls quickly got ready to hit the sidewalks. 

This totally fits our crazy boy!

And here is our cute little scary lion! 

Emma the baker, who got carried away with the flour! 

Alexa looked pretty cute too! I wonder if they wore North Face Fleece Jackets in the 50's? It is part of the attire when it is October in South Dakota!

The shoes were my favorite.  They are plastic and go over shoes and were loud, obnoxious and hard to walk in.  They only lasted about a block before Shane realized he would be taking up the rear all night with these shoes on.

Alexa decided she just might be the baker next year because Emma scored a lot of extra candy because everyone thought she was so cute.  Emma's love language is words of affirmation so she was eating up all the compliments. 

And we are off.  We were very thankful for a beautiful evening.  There are many times that winter coats, gloves and hats are part of the Halloween attire. Max was following his sister's lead with no idea what was ahead of him.

Our neighbors asked us if we wanted to go around the neighborhood with them. They have a girl the same age as Emma and a boy Shane's age so they are loving playing together.  They decided they were going to show us the ropes in the neighborhood! 

Max was loving every minute of Trick or Treating. He would run from door to door as fast as his little legs would carry him.  He just couldn't contain himself and would scream and squeal the whole way.  

He didn't even realize they were giving candy to him but thought carrying that bag like the big kids was pretty cool!

This door I finally had to intervene because she kept saying to Max you are so cute and he would smile at her and she would keep giving him candy.  I think he scored about 7 candy bars at that house.

The kids had so much fun with the neighbors and came home with more than enough candy to go around.

There were times like this when Eric would catch Max's hand before he would fly past him. As you can see he is trying to pull his daddy along! 

Max's night was cut short when his legs just couldn't keep up and our little lion landed on his nose. Taken with Eric's phone and texted to me while I was out with other 3 :( 

The kids had so much fun with the neighbors and came home with more than enough candy to go around.

It was such a fun night for the kids! They are all at such a great age right now! We are enjoying time as a family and soaking it all up.  Max adds a little extra energy and fun this year.


Deborah said...

Those are really cute. Loving the baker costume especially.

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