Friday, November 18, 2011

He Keeps Us On Our Toes

On Thursday at about 2:30pm I walked into our living room as I heard a little clang and then heard Max choking and gasping for breath.  It was one of those moments that a thousand thoughts go racing through your head as I tried to get Max to spit up what he was choking on.  It was probably only seconds but felt like minutes and it was down the hatch.  I looked at Shane who was right by him and asked him if he knew if Max had money because that is what it sounded like. Shane said, "Yes, he threw that little shiny silver one in the air and it came down straight in his mouth!" I made a couple calls to Eric and Max's doctor and they confirmed we needed to come in for an x-ray to see where this little dime had landed.  Eric was out of town so I loaded up my 4 little blessings and we headed in for some pictures of Max's tummy! 

I stood in front of an x-ray that looked similar to this.  It confirmed that dime was safely making it's way through the stomach and was making it's way into the colon.  We were to watch for it's appearance on the other end.  I was talking to one of my good friends after this little adventure and she said, "I love how Max has brought so much energy to the McDonald house!" Yes he has taken the energy level in our house to a whole new level and is keeping us on our toes! We are loving the way God has blessed our family with this little ball of energy even if it means there will be days we stand in front of x-rays looking for a dime that was swallowed! 


Carey said...

Always something exciting when you have little ones around! Glad it turned out ok!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, julie! I'm just so glad he didn't choke on it! Isn't it amazing how one minute you are having such a normal day and the next moment everything is turned upside down? Motherhood! :) We definitely need to catch up soon! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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