Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day we headed to my parents for the day!

 I don't think I have ever gotten a picture of the turkey carver, my dad hard at work.  I love Thanksgiving food! 

I am thankful for the family and the example my parents are and the foundation they laid in our lives.   We had a table full and there were even 5 missing at lunch! 

Max loved his first taste of Thanksgiving food! His potatoes were his favorite.  When Max gets excited about food his little feet twirl in circles.  He did this on of our first nights in China as we gave him prunes .... his still does it today when he loves what is going in his mouth. 

In the afternoon my brother and his family came and we attempted some family pictures.  What a crew to give thanks for!!!!!  This Thanksgiving we are thankful that our family grew by 5 this year.  We obviously brought home Max.  My younger brother and his wife added little Mataya to their family in August.  They also felt like God was leading them to do foster care.  In March they welcomed 2 little boys into their family and just last week a 17 year old boy joined their family.  Yes, they went from 1 to 5 kids in 9 months.  I am thankful for the way they have let God lead their family and the blessing these boys have been to our family.  

Papa and Grammy and their crew.  To think just 9 years ago there were only 2 grandkids.  I know my parents would say they are BLESSED! My mom had once told her friend she didn't know if she was ever going to be a grandma .... I am pretty sure we have that covered and she is now a grammy that has her hands full. 

Our afternoon was spent relaxing ....

drawing with cousins ....

playing little people ....

and getting a little wii in! 

The picture isn't the greatest gut I don't think I have ever gotten a picture of something that is part of almost every family gathering.  My family loves to play games.  We played a lot of game and cards growing up and it continues at our family gatherings.  It has gotten a little harder with our family growing and the business of all the kids but we typically find away to play.  I love all the family memories that were formed around the table playing games and it is something that continues in our own home.  I hope someday my kids will look back and have the same special memories around the table with a deck of cards or a game.  

While we were rolling dice Mya and Bailey found their way into Grammy's closet.  They were all smiles with their new attire! 

We finished the night with the kids making turkeys out of chocolate rice krispie balls and candy! 

Shane is a baby lover! How can you not be thankful for this little sweet addition this year! 


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