Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shane's New Friend

 I had fun going with Shane and his class to a local retirement home.   Shane was so excited to go make a new friend.

The kids had a little program they had worked on.  Shane was pledge leader so he was excited to lead everyone in the pledge to the American and to the Christian flag.  

The kids sang a number of songs for the residents.  Here there are singing "Our God Is So Big!"

They sang songs using sign language and also sang Jesus Loves Me in English and Spanish.  They did such a great job!

The kids each had to go out and make a new friend when they were done singing.  They made place mats and a turkey from an apple to give to their new friend.  Shane quickly walked up to Don and they became friends easily.  Shane talked his ear off and they shared about each other's families and things they like about Thanksgiving.  

As I looked around the room it was such a blessing to see all these sweet Kindergarteners with their new friends.  There was even a little old lady with tears running down her cheeks because her heart was touched by the kids visit! 

Shane loved his time at the retirement home and loved making a new friend.  When we were about ready to go Don reached in his pocket and pulled out a shiny new quarter and handed it to Shane.  Shane of course had a huge smile on his face and gave Don a big hug! It was so sweet to watch their exchange.  Shane is such a busy, social boy but I love seeing his heart shine through and seeing his tenderness.  Don't you just love that toothless smile too! He is so proud of his new smile ... this mom is a little sad to see those baby teeth go!  


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