Friday, May 4, 2007

Just Can't Get Enough Of It

Spring is here!!! It has actually felt more like summer a couple days this week. I now remember why I don't get anything done in the house in the summer .... from sun-up to sun-down we are outside. Shane would live outside if we let him. Last weekend he had his first real park experience since last year he wasn't walking and very content just to sit in the stroller and watch everyone else. Now, if he was my first he would have been forced to go down the slide, crawl through the tunnels and walk across the bridge last summer. Since he is my 3rd in 3 years I was very content to let him sit in the stroller since he was content. So needless to say a whole new world of fun was at his fingertips last weekend. He couldn't get enough of the slides.


Beckyb said...

SUPER pictures, but now doesn't it make you nervous when they venture out?!!? It was almost easier when they were in the stroller, I think!!! Enjoy the summer - it will be fun!

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