Sunday, April 24, 2011

Preschool Save the Earth night

Shane has been learning about taking care of his body and the earth at preschool.  I have learned there are some units that kids just connect with for what ever reason.  Well this was the one for Shane.  He was so into taking care of the earth and educating us at home.  You could almost say he was obsessed with what you could and couldn't throw away.  We would get busted if we threw something in the trash that should be recycled.  He would dig it out and tell us to take care of the earth.  He saved any box or plastic item he could and made a grocery store down in our play room.  He would take boxes and make them into cars, houses, trains or whatever else he could come up with.  He also asked if he could go ask our neighbors for their recyclable stuff so he could save the earth.  Like I said .... he embraced the unit.  

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After the unit was complete they had a fun night at preschool.  The kids got to plant flowers.


The carefully dug little holes with pencils, dropped their seeds in, covered them up and sprayed them with water.


Max thought he was hot stuff and sat by the table and took it all in!


The girls decided to make some ladybugs out of egg cartons.



While Shane decided it would be more fun to head outside.


Alexa joined him on the Natural Playground when she was done.  Time to show off her balancing skills.


Max spent his time pushing the truck around.


Emma playing tag but taking a break to tie a shoe.


Alexa also spent some time building some things.


Max and Alexa shared a healthy smoothie made with all kids of vegetables to finish off the night.

Shane loved taking all of us to preschool for an evening of fun!


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