Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Night At The Park

After Max experience the backyard for the first time we decided we couldn't pass up enjoying the beautiful evening.  We decided we had to hit the park with Max for the first time.

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Max loved the slide as you can see from the big smiles on his face!


His sisters were very excited to help him around the play set.


We weren't quite sure what he thought about the swing.  He looked a bit scared and got a little pale in the face when he started swinging.  When we stopped him he would try to get his swing moving again.  So we figured he had to like it at some level.


Then a couple times we got a smile.


And of course there are always smiles and giggles when daddy is around.


Alexa took him down the big curly slide and he was all smiles.

The girls working together to help Max down the slide.


Max was mesmorized by this father and son.  There are times he just sits back and takes it all in.  This was one of those evenings.


Max and Emma hopped on to give it a try.


What a great night to spend at the park! Max loved it! I am sure there will be many hours spent at the parks this spring and summer!


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