Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Afternoon Of Fun At The Museum

There is a new Children's Museum 45 minutes from our house.  We decided to kidnap daddy from work one afternoon and take him along for an afternoon of fun.

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The first stop was the Car Room.  The girls were busy getting the tires changed!

Shane decided to check under the hood to make sure everything was ready to go.


They all took a look under the car. They reported everything looked good.


Max found the gears and had fun spinning them round and round.


Next stop was a favorite ... The Market.  Max caught on pretty quickly how fun it was to push his cart around and throw things inside.


Emma weighing her fruit!


Then it was time to visit Shane to check out!

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Max loved the garden area.  He had fun picking potatoes, carrots, corn and tomatoes.


Shane headed over to the barn to see if the chickens had laid any eggs.


Next step ... how many pull ups can we do?

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One of Shane's favorite stops was at the Post Office.  He loved delivering and gathering mail around the museum.


The kids then climbed up in the clouds.  I love Max looking up at his brother and sisters wondering where in the world where they were going? In no time he will be following right behind.


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The girls loved the Diner where they took our order and made our sandwiches for us.  The finished off the meal with an ice cream sundae.


Max thought the food looked pretty tasty.

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Next was the Art Room.  The girls had fun doing crayon rubs and everyone loved drawing and squeegeeing the window.

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The Water Room was another favorite! There was tons of water fun to be found around the water table.

We had such a fun family day at the South Dakota Children's Museum.  I am sure we will be back soon!


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