Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome Home Samantha

Today we couldn't wait for the day to pass by so we could go to the airport to Welcome Home our friends Jarrod and Sara and their new little girl Samantha. I felt like my emotions were on edge all day as we anticipated their arrival.  There is some things that just can't be put into words and getting off the airplane, walking through the doors and seeing your family and friends with your new little one in your arms is one of those moments.  I was so excited to watch our friends walk through the door and experience that very same thing.


The girls were so excited and spent a good chunk of the afternoon making a sign to hold at the airport.


The kids were waiting in anticipation.  On the way to the airport it was fun to hear them reminisce about the things they were thinking and feeling as they waited to meet their new little brother. James and Josiah were very excited to see their mom and dad again and new sister.


Jarrod and Sara walking through the doors with Samantha and seeing their boys for the first time.


Max brought his friend Samantha an American Flag.  It was so fun to see them wave these together.  Someday I pray they understand what waving the red, white and blue truly means for them.


We can't wait to see our Asian cuties grow up together.  We already have an arranged marriage in the works.


Isn't she just a sweetheart?


The best picture of them all! Finally together .... a family of 5 now!


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