Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Cookies

The kids love making cut out cookies.  Thanks to my friend Kathy she has blessed me with a wonderful cookie and frosting recipe.  I would call her and her friend Shannon the cookie and cake queens.  I met them through my blog and would love to fly and meet them in person and also take some cookie and cake decorating classes from them.  Kathy helped with some tips so the rolling and cutting and cookie process isn't so frustrating and we come out with yummy, not burnt or broken cookies.  So now I can get as excited as the kids for our cookie cutting and cooking fun! 


The girls rolled out the dough and were ready to get to work!


This is serious business!


Shane joined in on the fun too!


Then it was Max's turn to join in for some fun! Of course he had more than enough hands wanting to help him cut out cookies for the first time.


He was so fun to watch!


He decided to taste a little flour ....


then decided to share some with Emma!


A big smile for Alexa.  This boy loves life!


When we weren't looking he put a big ball of dough in his mouth.  We head a lot of "mmmmmmm's" after that.  Notice the ball in his cheek.

It has been so fun for the kids to experience all these firsts for Max with him.  They love his reactions and to see what he does.  I love taking it all in.  There is new excitement in the things we do as we experience them through Max's eyes.


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