Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Celebration

Easter is a holiday that I have always loved.  Celebrating Christ's resurrection and victory over death is something I pray I never take for granted.  Since the death of my friend Leigh Ann Easter continues to bring new feelings and emotions.  Singing, hearing and reading about Christ's victory over death and heaven penetrates my heart at a deeper level. I can't help but think how amazing the Easter celebration she is experience in heaven is. 


This year Easter also was a celebration of new life in our family.  We have been blessed with the sweetest little boy from China.  Through our journey to him and back home God has taught me so much.  One of those things is how much love my heavenly father has for me.  He sacrificed his only son in order to give me life.  He loves me like his own and has adopted me into his family.  The depth of this love didn't resonate to the depths of me until I held Max in my arms and felt this overwhelming love for him.  What a love ... what a gift. 


Alexa Grace - 8


Emma Faith - 7


Shane - 5


Max - 20 months


Sweet Sisters!


A proud big brother!


This is one of my favorite shots of the day.  Cousin Bailey helping Max up!


After a yummy lunch the kids changed out of their Sunday best and were ready for some backyard fun! The first stop was the sun room to see what treats grammy and papa put in their Easter baskets.  Our line of little ones with baskets just keeps growing.

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It is always exciting to see what treats grammy finds for the baskets. After the baskets were emptied it was time for Easter Egg Hunt.


It took very little time for Max to catch on to this fun game.

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The kids were off, quickly covering every inch of the yard in search of the Easter eggs.


And of course an Easter is not complete without the appearance of the Easter pig.


Max wasn't one bit scared and was ready to share his eggs with him.


When Max discovered there were treats in the eggs this is what he thought "oooooooo"

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The eggs were emptied and everyone filled a bag with yummy treats to take home.


It was a picture perfect day! We had so much fun just sitting around, chatting and watching the kids play.


Papa is always up for some fun.  

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We broke out the bubble guns from the Easter baskets.  The kids had fun chasing the bubbles around the yard.  There were a lot of smiles and giggles. 

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The kids decorated the cookies we had cut out and cooked the day before.  They thought it was great to pile it high with frosting and sprinkles.


In the afternoon we headed over to Eric's sisters house to finish off the day.  The kids were excited to see and hold their neighbors baby kittens. 


Alexa loves animals so she was in her glory! 


Max was trying to figure out what "gentle" meant! It was his first interaction with an animal. 

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We finished off the evening with a yummy dinner and another Easter egg hunt. 

Apr 24, 2011

The kids loved spending time with their cousins. 

We are blessed!


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